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Acquire, retain, and engage high-value players while increasing ROI and maximizing your marketing budget when you run campaigns across gaming platforms.

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Acquire high-value players across platforms

Lock in on user acquisition with full visibility into what drives players to your game. Our cross-platform measurement suite helps you optimize user acquisition and LTV through detailed insights into the media sources and channels that convert best – whether it’s mobile, web, PC, or CTV.

Take your monetization strategy to the next level

A strong monetization strategy is essential to the success of any game. We help maximize your ROI by giving you insight into how in-app ads, in-app purchases, and subscriptions impact your bottom line, while protecting your budget with comprehensive fraud protection.

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Keep your users playing  and coming back for more

Bringing players to your game is one thing; keeping them is another. Our advanced CX & deep linking suite allows you to increase retention and engagement by creating contextual, smooth and personalized experiences that bring players from wherever they are back to your game.

Grow your game by reaching the right players at the right time

The best way to grow your game is to use your audience insights to find new players. Our audience segmentation platform helps you create precise segments based on your current best-performing players to reach new audiences that maximize LTV.

Don’t just take our word for it

Fetch AppsFlyer Customer OG
Saved on ad spend
Blocked fraudulent installs
Blocked fraudulent in-app events
“Diversifying gave us more exposure to a high volume of installs, but at that scale it became difficult to tell what was a true install, and what was actually going to impact the business.”
macys success story - OG
Increase in total sessions
Increase in total mobile revenue
Uplift in revenue per install
“AppsFlyer attribution data gave us insight into both our acquisition and remarketing efforts so we could optimize in order to realize a substantial increase in engagement and revenue.”
Letgo AppsFlyer Customer OG
Uplift in acquisition
Increase in conversion rate
“Not only does AppsFlyer’s OneLink allow us to test, measure, and understand what most effectively drives user conversions, it also enables us to optimize and personalize our owned media campaigns to support more positive user experiences and improve business outcomes.”

Use the best tools in the game

Get everything you need to understand which campaigns bring in the highest value players, the best ways to keep them engaged, and how to build a successful monetization strategy.

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CTV & OTT solution: Analyze
CTV & OTT solution: Engage
CTV & OTT solution: Protect
CTV & OTT solution: Connect

Team up with every global partner

Connect with more media sources, ad networks, and analytics partners than any other marketing platform.

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