People-Based Attribution

Break down data silos and gain valuable insights into your users’ journeys across channels, platforms, and devices

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Goodbye Silos and Disparate Data

AppsFlyer’s People-Based attribution breaks down data silos providing marketers with unified access to data on every touchpoint along the user journey.

This creates fresh opportunities for brands to engage with their audience in personalized, meaningful interactions.

Dites bonjour à l'attribution globale basée sur l'utilisateur d'AppsFlyer

Un aperçu de tous les appareils, plates-formes et canaux

  • Cross-Device

    Connect and engage with your customers in a consistent, personalized way, wherever they are: on desktop, mobile, or tablet.

  • Web-to-App

    Uncover your best- performing channels to boost ROI, and optimize engagement across web and app touchpoints.

  • Actionable Insights

    Drive rapid business results with visualizations and raw data reports that translate trillions of user interactions into ready-to-use insights.

  • Simple, Flexible Setup

    Deploy our SDK in a matter of clicks and let AppsFlyer start mapping any type of user traffic and events across devices & channels.

Optimize Your Ad Spend Across
Web and App

Gain a comprehensive view of customer journeys, from campaign to acquisition to app engagement to retargeting. Analyze the impact of web campaigns on your native app, understand when and how a web visitor installs your app, and lower acquisition costs based on those insights.

Powerful Insights in Stunning Detail

Analysis begins with consistent access to quality, first-party data. AppsFlyer’s dashboards are designed to deliver the highest level of granularity at scale; dissect, slice and dice your data to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and trends. 

The Multi-Touch Difference

When we say you can measure every step of the journey on every possible dimension, we really mean it. With AppsFlyer, you can understand the real value and contribution of each customer touchpoint leading up to a conversion, whether on paid, organic or owned/earned channels.

AppsFlyer’s User Graphs are PRIVATE

Privacy is at the core of AppsFlyer’s corporate values and product development. It’s natural, then, that AppsFlyer’s graphs are private and built from a single brand’s data.

In contrast, other People-Based Attribution providers merge all customer data together to build their graph. Though you may think you may benefit from this “crowdsourcing” approach, this methodology could lead to infringement of your users’ privacy.

When attribution is put in the wrong hands, too often disaster strikes.

Partnering wisely to stay ahead of risks in the ever-evolving mobile ecosystem is crucial to the health of your business.

No wasted clicks, just the perfect conversion path, every time.

Learn how Apartment List drove a 2x lift in day 0 logins and a 30% increase in user LTV by delivering a unique web-to-app experience across different screens with AppsFlyer.

Show me how it’s done

AppsFlyer est notre source de savoir en matière d’attribution. Nous avons pu obtenir une analyse complète de notre activité d’acquisition utilisateur, tout en réduisant nos coûts. Aucun stack marketing n’est vraiment complet sans AppsFlyer.

Sadie Daryan, Responsable Mondial de l'affichage et du marketing d'application, eBay

Being able to connect the dots between web and mobile is essential for our business. In today's multi-channel and multi-device world, identifying precisely how customers are interacting with our brand has been a huge pain point for us. AppsFlyer's people-based attribution has changed the way we do marketing, giving us insights we've never had access to before.

Denitsa Georgieva, Responsable Marketing acquisition, Virtuo

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From Mobile Attribution to Holistic People-Based Innovation

Deep dive into the key trends shaping the future of marketing:

  • The evolution, not revolution, of people-based attribution
  • Why adopting a mobile-first strategy is key to success
  • The importance of data privacy & security in people-based attribution
  • Use cases mapping various attribution scenarios
  • And more!

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Les principales raisons pour lesquelles nos clients nous aiment

  • Conçu pour les entreprises

    Reconnu pour offrir la plus grande fiabilité possible, assurant un accès ininterrompu aux données qui sont l'élément vital de votre entreprise mobile.

  • #1 satisfaction du client

    Avec une fidélisation de 97 % de la clientèle, nous sommes fiers d'offrir une valeur à long terme à nos clients en servant de collaborateur fiable à leur équipe.

  • Leaders en matière de protection de la vie privée

    Alors que d'autres sociétés d'attribution ont fait l'objet d'infractions répétées, AppsFlyer propose le programme de conformité le plus complet du secteur.

  • Deep-Linking puissant

    Les puissants liens profonds OneLink garantissent une expérience agréable à l'utilisateur, et renvoient les utilisateurs directement vers le point de vente in-app, même après l'installation.

  • Prévention et détection des fraudes

    Unique en son genre, notre échelle garantie une protection 360° contre les types de fraude les plus perfectionnés, notamment les fermes à clics et la fraude par la réinitialisation de l'ID d'appareil.

  • Rapport des revenus publicitaires

    Combinez les données de revenus publicitaires avec les achats intégrés et les données de revenus d'abonnement pour déterminer le LTV complet de vos utilisateurs.

  • Attribution TV/OTT

    Mesurez facilement la performance de vos campagnes publicitaires télévisées, à l’installation et à l’euro près, de façon à optimiser vos campagnes multi-canaux.

  • LTV omni-channel

    L'intégration S2S crée des liens entre vos médias, votre engagement client et votre activité d'achat afin d'optimiser vos efforts de marketing multi canaux.