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Leverage advanced cost reporting and best-in-class fraud detection to improve ROI at every stage of the funnel

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Measure everything.

The insights you need to optimize your marketing.


    Easily determine which users engage with your app, how they are using your app and what revenues they generate with unlimited rich in-app events.

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    Powerful filters and diverse parameters allow you to slice and dice your data to reveal your app's retention health and opportunities for optimization.

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    Deep integrations with leading networks including Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter report your true CPI. AppsFlyer matches CPI with app purchases, subscriptions and in-app event revenues to determine your customer lifetime value and the ROI of each campaign, in real-time.

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    Gain a full 360-view of your costs and revenues from app activity. Measure the revenue you're collecting from in-app ads to determine the real ROI of your app and all mobile marketing activities (both owned and earned).

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Understand the true value of ad networks

Measure engagement across the user journey, including clicks and views. AppsFlyer’s multiple marketing analytics tools enable marketers and UA managers to gain insight on networks that drive users down the funnel, highlighting helpful networks that deliver loyal and valuable users to your app. With these insights in hand, optimizing and reallocating ad spend is easier than ever.

Seamless measurement across all platforms

The industry’s most advanced smart linking solution expertly measures user invites and referral programs, in addition to direct messaging via email or push notifications. Ultimately, OneLink creates a unified user experience in every scenario, leading users to the right location, every time.

Unlimited flexibility and exportability



Connect to the largest mobile ecosystem with over 4,500 integrated partners globally. Select your advertising partners, agencies and measurement tools from an extensive collection of local and global organizations. On the receiving side, choose the API that works for you to get full access to all of your data, all of the time.

Use the power of data

We don't play around with security

AppsFlyer blocked $90M in gaming fraud last year

With billions spent annually on user acquisition, the mobile gaming industry is particularly enticing for fraudsters. AppsFlyer’s fraud prevention and protection technology is always one step ahead, stopping fraudulent installs in real time and employing machine learning technology to get smarter all the time.

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Choose the right players

Security is woven into every fiber of our product. Processing data is a momentous responsibility, and we have designed our company and products around it. AppsFlyer welcomes scrutiny and audits from independent 3rd party programs, continuously expanding our unparalleled global compliance and certification program.

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The state of gaming app marketing

Deep dive into the key insights shaping the hyper-competitive gaming arena. Download the report to discover:

  • Which gaming sub-genre is breaking through barriers and establishing itself as the biggest market share holder
  • Which markets are more likely to product loyal players with higher LTVs

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IGG breaks into the Chinese market

Learn how AppsFlyer’s deep integrations with China’s leading media sources and platforms delivered the robust coverage IGG needed.

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The ability to customize exactly the type of data we need with multiple KPIs, provides us a full 360-view at the click of a button. Our team can get all the specific insights they need, instantly, and in one place.

Misha Syrotiuk, Head of Ad Networks and Programmatic Ad Buying

Making the move to AppsFlyer changed everything for the better. AppsFlyer dashboards are intuitive, their data is clean and unbiased, their global integrations are easy to setup and deep. Most of all, we were impressed by their attention to detail in everything from their cohort reports and customer service to their custom dashboards.

Eric Tornquist, Chief Marketing Officer

AppsFlyer is a trusted partner with a rockstar team. Their anti-fraud, cohort reporting, attribution and analytics solutions keep our growth campaigns running smoothly.

Jeet Niyogi, Marketing Director, WSOP Mobile/Social Game

Our apps are some of the most downloaded apps in mobile history. We need reliable access to the entirety of our data to make informed decisions in real-time. AppsFlyer was our clear choice as their services meet our needs, and at the same time support our massive scale. Their data fuels our BI, 24/7 with all the insights we could ask for.

Luka Rade, App Sales Director

AppsFlyer's deep integrations, data accuracy and robust APls provided the flexibility we needed to make faster, smarter marketing decisions.

Emma Xiang, Marketing Manager

Mobile fraud is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and not every solutions provider has kept up. AppsFlyer’s unique scale and machine learning deliver the most comprehensive anti-fraud solutions in the world. For their technology and data, for their service, for their attention to detail, AppsFlyer is simply irreplaceable.

Irene Vaquero Sánchez de Ibargüen, User Acquisition Manager

AppsFlyer’s ad revenue attribution was the final piece needed in our revenue puzzle, informing and substantially improving our user acquisition efforts

Camilo Fitzgerald, Games Analyst