Announcing exciting updates to AppsFlyer Agency solution

By Daniel Kahtan
exciting updates for agencies

Many brands rely on agency partners to help them run their marketing operations smoothly. When it comes to working together, transparency is the name of the game; without it, measuring and optimizing for success are nearly impossible.

At AppsFlyer, we recognize the importance of these partnerships between brands and their agencies, and are constantly working to refine and improve our product to provide the best service to players involved in the marketing funnel.

As such, we’re proud to announce new features and updates to the AppsFlyer Agency Dashboard, providing advanced tools and data transparency for joint success. 

Kick out mobile ad fraud with Protect360

AppsFlyer’s fraud solution, Protect360, has become known as the most extensive fraud protection solution on the market.

By taking advantage of AppsFlyer’s unparalleled scale – currently covering over 9.7 billion devices worldwide – AppsFlyer customers are able to optimize their marketing activities in a fraud-safe environment.

As a multi-layered solution, fraud is blocked in real-time ensuring budgets are protected and with the recent addition of post-attribution fraud detection, it is now possible to identify fraudulent trends even after install and event attribution has occurred. 

We know that Agency partners work tirelessly to deliver the best for their brands. That’s why we’re excited that our agency partners can now work even more in sync with their brand clients and can deliver even higher value with the force of the industry’s best anti-fraud solution.

Agencies with relevant client permissions can now have access to view, analyze and utilize the Protect360 dashboard and raw data reports for full visibility over fraudulent activity.

AppsFlyer's Protect360 dashboard in action
Protect360 dashboard in action

Agencies can now: 

  • Access Protect360 dashboards and reports for their media spend activity
  • Gain access to AppsFlyer’s new groundbreaking protection layer – “Post-Attribution” fraud detection, which blocks fraud even after attribution takes place 

Slice and dice data with Cohort 3.0

Another exciting feature now available for Agencies is AppsFlyer Cohort Reports.

Cohort Reports provide an in-depth, side-by-side analysis of campaign success, offering the ability to gather even more metrics and and carry out deeper insights than ever before.  

Cohort’s advanced analytics enable you to uncover hidden trends and offer the insights you need to optimize live campaigns and make real-time changes that can boost engagement and revenue.

Examples of insights you can gather: ROAS Day 7, retention according to in-app events, regional spend for retargeting campaigns, and much more.

AppsFlyer Cohort Reports for Agencies
AppsFlyer Cohort Reports

Oath ad platforms

Oath Ad Platforms (Yahoo Gemini) is now available as an Integrated Partner in the Agency Dashboard. If you’re running ads with Oath, you can now activate the integration via the Integrated Partner configuration and start measuring your campaigns.

A note to our Agency Partners: Brand clients can grant your agency account access to these latest capabilities seamlessly via their AppsFlyer account configurations.

Daniel Kahtan

Daniel Kahtan leads AppsFlyer's Global Agency Alliances. Since joining the company in 2014 as a mobile markering and attribution expert, he has guided agencies (and their brand clients) through the evolution of their digital marketing strategies and operations with AppsFlyer technology.

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