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5 Exciting Updates to Help You Zero in on Your True ROI

Danielle Nissan Danielle Nissan Mar 17, 2020

We are forging ahead with our promise to solve one of the biggest challenges every marketer faces: the need for an accurate, complete, and actionable cost reporting solution. As the leader in mobile attribution, we know how important it is to rely both on your attribution data, as well as your cost data to accurately measure your ROI and meet your optimization goals. Keeping to our promise, we are ecstatic to release five new and exciting March updates to AppsFlyer’s cost reporting solution.

1. See your retargeting ad spend in Cohort Reports

AppsFlyer’s Cohort Reports provide marketers with a sophisticated tool that enables them the flexibility and granularity they need to tease out the right insights and make strategic performance decisions on existing and future campaigns.

Now marketers can see their retargeting spend side-by-side with the rest of their ad spend centralized in one dashboard, with the added value from cohort reporting. This new functionality is supported for Facebook, Adikteev, Jampp, and will soon include support for Google and Criteo.

Starting this month, users can calculate the true ROI for retargeting campaigns, not only the user acquisition performance.

With the new unified view in the cohort dashboard, both user acquisition and remarketing managers can get an accurate breakdown of their ad spend and campaign performance data for both newly acquired users as well as existing users, all in one unified view.

2. Adding 18 (!) new cost reporting API partners

Marketers can now view their cost data in AppsFlyer thanks to built-in API integration with the following ad networks: Vungle, Digital Turbine, Applike, Smadex, Adikteev, Unity Ads, ironSource, ironSource Aura, Fyber, Lifestreet, Appreciate, Adjoe, Influence Mobile, Jampp, AdGate Media, Persona.ly, Chartboost, and Beeswax.

In order to accurately optimize campaign ROI, marketers need a wider view of their ad spend from various networks. Now, we are adding even more partners to our existing list, who are fully integrated into AppsFlyer’s cost reporting solution with the most granular breakdowns and cost data available for each network.

Marketers can benefit from their attribution data that is matched with their ad spend data, all in one place. Furthermore, API integrations provide a more reliable source for accurate spend data.

Looking to add a specific integrated partner? Contact your Customer Success Manager or the Customer Engagement Team at hello@appsflyer.com for more information.


3. See cost by site ID in AppsFlyer aggregate reports

Today, marketers optimize their campaigns at the publisher level. However, an even more granular capability to provide cost data is on the Site ID level. That’s why we are happy to provide our users with cost by site ID. Now, marketers can make cost-reporting decisions on the publisher level and even identify a low performing publisher within an ad network and take actions accordingly.

This will be supported for the following partners: AppLovin, TapJoy, and soon to be supported for Liftoff. Pivoting cost data by site ID is available for aggregate level reporting such as: the Overview Dashboard, Cohort Dashboard, and Pivot Report.

4. Delete cost reporting accounts connected to AppsFlyer

Looking to delete one or more connected cost accounts directly from AppsFlyer? Now you can!

As of today, advertisers can remove cost integration accounts from the following networks: Facebook, Google, Snapchat, TikToK, Pinterest, MyTarget (Mail.ru), and Verizon Media (Yahoo Gemini).

This is an all-in effort to transform the AppsFlyer platform and cost integration management into a seamless, self-service offering. Users can now keep their managed accounts clean, ensuring that only the most relevant accounts are connected and users can reconnect the right account when needed.

Delete Connected Accounts in AppsFlyer

Delete connected accounts directly from AppsFlyer


5. Support for Apple Search Ads multiple API certificates

In order to collect cost, clicks, and impression data from Apple Search Ads, users need to provide their API certificates. Some advertisers separate their Apple Search Ads setup with different accounts per region or team. This means that advertisers could only see the cost data associated with one account.

However, team members can now add multiple certificates to allow spend collection from their various Apple Search Ads accounts. This new capability now enables full spend reporting for Apple Search Ads across all relevant accounts.

AppsFlyer advertisers already enjoy an added layer of granularity for their cost data from Apple Search Ads. Available at the ad group level and geo- dimension, users can already see cost data tied to each keyword and optimize accordingly.

At AppsFlyer, we believe that every performance marketer should be able to have complete and accurate cost data side-by-side with their trusted attribution data. That’s why we are constantly seeking ways to improve our products and commitment to our customers. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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