AppsFlyer and Facebook: Introducing advertiser-centric SKAdNetwork measurement

By Barak Witkowski
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Since the introduction of SKAdNetwork as the main deterministic attribution solution for iOS 14, advertisers have expressed concern about the increased development costs and limitations. Initially it appeared as though SKAdNetwork would require advertisers to invest extensive resources into connecting with multiple publishers and ad networks.

Uncertainty also arose around the question of the conversion value: who should own it, where the conversion value schema should be configured, and how exactly it is controlled. 

Today, we’re excited to announce an interoperable SKAdNetwork integration for brands advertising on Facebook, as announced on Facebook’s iOS 14 blog post

Advertisers can now measure Facebook ad campaigns via SKAdNetwork with AppsFlyer, utilizing the functionalities they already have in place.

This supports AppsFlyer’s solution as a one-stop-shop for conversion value configuration, enabling advertisers to optimize their ad campaigns for all networks in one single, self-serve dashboard. This integration with Facebook for SKAdNetwork results in minimum disruption and development costs for advertisers.

AppsFlyer’s solution with Facebook has two major benefits:

  1. A single SDK – advertisers can continue using only the AppsFlyer SDK to run and optimize Facebook mobile ads, including ads using App Event Optimization and Value Optimization. This means lower development costs and virtually no setup for AppsFlyer customers.
  2. Single source of truth for SKAdNetwork mapping – the conversion value schema can easily be set up and optimized in AppsFlyer’s fully operational, flexible SKAdNetwork configuration page; which is then shared with Facebook and all partners integrated with AppsFlyer’s SKAdNetwork solution (see below).
AppsFlyer Facebook SKAdnetwork solution flowchart

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The conversion value for Facebook can be managed easily from AppsFlyer’s SKAdNetwork settings or in Facebook. Changes made to measurement in either location will be reflected in both places. 

AppsFlyer and SKAdNetwork: The key to intelligent decision making

AppsFlyer’s SKAdNetwork solution ensures that the conversion value is consistently applied across platforms, crucial for accurate measurement.

With so many complex partner integrations running simultaneously, advertisers not working with an MMP will not be able to rely on any single source of truth for conversion mapping. AppsFlyer serves as a central configuration point that all networks can rely on for optimization. Today we’re proud to have Facebook as a major partner in this vision.

Facebook is part of a growing list of respected global partners who have already started integrating with AppsFlyer’s SKAdNetwork solution, including:

  • Snap
  • Twitter
  • ironSource
  • Unity
  • Vungle
  • Tapjoy
  • Remerge
  • And over 40 others

AppsFlyer and Facebook have worked closely together over the last 8 years to deliver the most robust solutions for advertisers, from basic attribution to advanced ad revenue measurement.

This is another stone on the path to continuously delivering the top measurement solutions for the biggest brands worldwide.

Barak Witkowski

Barak is the VP Product at AppsFlyer. He is a seasoned entrepreneur who has launched mobile apps with tens of millions of users worldwide.

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