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Ad Revenue Attribution

Attribute Your In-App Ad Revenues

In-app advertising is an important and growing revenue stream for mobile app businesses. While savvy marketers optimize their campaigns based on their LTV and ROI, attributing in-app advertising revenue to specific marketing campaigns is incredibly difficult. As a result, app marketers are often left to optimize their campaigns with limited insights into one of their primary revenue streams.

AppsFlyer’s deep, pre-configured integrations with leading in-app ad providers including Facebook Audience Network, AdColony, AdMob, AppLovin, Chartboost, ironSource and Unity Ads make Ad Revenue Attribution a breeze. In under two minutes with just a few clicks, you can automatically start attributing your ad revenues right alongside your other in-app events and other direct-revenue streams, measuring and attributing the total revenue of your app users.

Ad revenue attribution offers a number of rich opportunities for mobile apps and the broader ecosystem:

  • User Acquisition is improved by Ad Revenue Attribution thanks to better LTV and more accurate ROI calculations. Better LTV and ROI insights enhance UA campaign targeting and optimization, improving the bottom-line impact of UA campaigns moving forward.
  • Product and marketing teams gain actionable insights into their user flows, personas and revenue sources.  With easy access to both direct-revenue channels such as app purchase value, in-app purchase value and in-app subscription value as well as engagement data and ad revenue insights in a single dashboard, product and marketing teams can conduct full customer lifecycle and customer journey analyses, leading to more informed customer personas and more profitable optimizations.
  • Ad networks and monetization providers also benefit immensely thanks to Ad Revenue Attribution. by attributing specific in-app revenues to paid marketing campaigns, advertisers gain the insights they need to invest further in the right paid media channels.

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