Stock Option Plan

All our employees get stock options, because we believe you should own a part of what you're creating

Global Exchange Program

With 13 offices around the world, our GEEP Program invites employees to spend a month in another office, and a relocation option after one year.

Academy & Education

Travel and bond with colleagues from around the globe. Immerse yourself in the products & innovations shaping the industry, and hone your skills & expertise!

Health & Relaxation

Enjoy weekly happy hours, yoga classes, team retreats, 3 meals a day, fully-stocked kitchens and many more.

“Join the AppsFlyer Rocketship for the Journey of a Lifetime”A special letter from AppsFlyer’s CEO & Co-founder, Oren Kaniel

Our Recruiting Process

At AppsFlyer we embrace the value of transparency at every level of the organization including the recruitment process. We want candidates to shine and put their right foot forward to make the best impression possible. This process also demonstrates how seriously we take each one of you, who is a potential member of the AppsFlyer Team! With that in mind (and we promise no tricks or surprises), we gladly share our recruitment process with you and wish you the best of luck!


This is when you meet with the your potential manager, allowing him/her to assess whether you’re a good professional match and can work together


If you breeze the interview, you will have to undergo a rigorous test or task. But don’t worry—it will be something within your professional field. This helps us get to know your knowledge base and shows how you stretch the boundaries to apply it.


We’ve worked hard to develop our own company culture. We want to ensure that your DNA is a match with AppsFlyer’s!


No one knows you better than the people you worked with in the past and we want to hear their feedback. We usually require 2 references, one of them preferably a past manager of yours.


You’re almost in the clear! You just have to meet with our CEO, Oren; he wants to get to know new team members personally. (We promise he doesn’t bite.)

Hallelujah, It’s A Match!

Get ready for lift off aboard the AppsFlyer rocketship!

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