Incrementality measurement

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Our incrementality solution makes it easy to get an accurate, unbiased view of the true value of your marketing outcomes through cross-platform incremental lift testing
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The industry-leading solution for measuring incremental growth

Incrementality by AppsFlyer: Identify incremental revenue drivers

Identify incremental revenue drivers

Getting a full and accurate picture of the true value of your paid campaigns can be a challenge. Our incrementality solution simplifies the process of evaluating your marketing investments so you can make better decisions about your budget today, while identifying the best opportunities for growth for tomorrow.

Incrementality by AppsFlyer: Maximize marketing ROI

Maximize the ROI of your marketing activities

Are you wondering if your marketing activities cannibalize your organic traffic? With incrementality, you get clear insights into the real value of your paid campaigns. This allows you to unlock their full potential, while simultaneously maximizing and growing your organic user base.

Incrementality by AppsFlyer: Allocate marketing budgets with confidence

Allocate your marketing budgets with confidence

Whether it’s a new channel or an existing one, having a unified, unbiased view of your paid performance is central to making the right budget decisions. Incrementality lets you easily prove the impact of marketing channels by running experiments that provide insights into their incremental lift.

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Incremental lift in revenue
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“With the help of AppsFlyer’s Incrementality solution, we were able to uncover critical insights and scale our remarketing efforts with confidence.”
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Remarketing budget growth
Time and resources saved on incrementality testing
Average number of tests performed per month
“Incrementality is our marketing north-star and AppsFlyer’s solution was key in supporting our growth by enabling incrementality measurement in both existing and new areas of our business”

Key features

Incrementality can be hard to measure and challenging to understand. Discover how our solution can give you a comprehensive view of incremental lift without the complexity.

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Create your own experiments

Easily segment your test and holdout groups and get full control of every stage of your experiments using our Incrementality solution.

Analyze results in real time

Analyze the outcomes of your incremental lift tests in real-time and easily optimize your campaigns from one centralized dashboard.

Dive deeper into your data

Leverage your raw incrementality data and perform deeper analysis by integrating our solution directly with your own BI platform.

Run incrementality tests with more than 90 leading partners

Our solution gives you the power to unify all of your incremental performance data in one place

Run incrementality tests with more than 90 leading partners
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Frequently asked questions

What is incrementality testing and how to measure incrementality?

Incrementality testing creates an experiment in which the impact of a single ad/creative/campaign can be accurately measured. This is achieved by withholding a group of users (control group) from the specific ad you want to test while maintaining normal media exposure, including the same specific ad, for a larger group of users (test group).

Can I measure incrementality on Facebook using AppsFlyer’s solution?

Yes, our Incrementality solution is integrated with Facebook and over 60 other media partners including Google, Twitter, and Snap. You can run incrementality experiments simultaneously on as many channels as you like.

What’s the difference between Incrementality measurement and Last Click Attribution?

Incrementality and Last Click Attribution are two different approaches to marketing measurement that complement each other. Last Click is the most scalable and accurate approach to measuring ad influence on user actions. Yet, it cannot answer a number of important questions that incrementality can, and that’s why having both is key.

Can I measure Incrementality on direct channels such as email and SMS?

Yes, Incrementality can also be used to measure the value of your direct channels. In fact, direct channels are among the most easy to measurable channels, because of the amount of data you have about their existing customers.

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