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Apr 24, 2024

SSOT: Day 7 in-app event metrics

Single Source of Truth users can now optimize their iOS campaigns with modeled day 7 in-app event metrics. Marketers traditionally fine-tune their campaigns with the day 7 eCPA metric, previously measured primarily via the initial SKAN 4.0 postback. With AppsFlyer latest enhancement, however, we’ve expanded measurement capabilities to include modeled day 7 in-app event metrics, […]
Measurement SKAN
Apr 15, 2024

Data Collaboration Platform audience activation and commerce media enhancements

This massive release enables flexible and user-friendly capabilities for brands and commerce media networks to build targeted and customized audiences, designed to fit their goals, whether those be acquisition, retention, upsell or beyond. This release also enables ease of use through many built-in partner connections and cloud data services.
Data Collaboration
Apr 11, 2024

Creative Optimization: customizing Discovery creative cards

In the Discover tab, we’ve introduced a new feature that allows users to personalize metrics on asset cards. This enhancement includes AppsFlyer metrics, Partner metrics, In-App Events, and Custom metrics. Additionally, we have expanded the range of metrics displayed on the cards and incorporated a sorting function for the gallery based on selected metrics. This […]
Creative Optimization
Apr 07, 2024

iOS SDK v6.14.0 with Privacy Manifest

An SDK containing AppsFlyer’s Privacy Manifest out-of-the-box including Apple’s Framework Signature for XCode helping app developers validate the integrated SDK was really issued by AppsFlyer.
Mar 28, 2024

Salesforce integration within AppsFlyer Data Collaboration Platform

With the click of a button, enhance collaboration with commerce media networks by directly joining data from Salesforce with your omnichannel campaign data, measurement data, and first and third-party audiences data. Leverage this feature to build segmented campaigns and uncover unparalleled business opportunities.
Data Collaboration
Mar 21, 2024

Unattributed ad revenue postbacks

ROI360 Advanced will enable unattributed ad revenue postbacks sharing with media partners for more precise campaign optimization and better results. This will allow your partners to incorporate learning from both attributed and non-attributed ad revenue data, and enable better IAA ROAS optimization and lower CPMs.
ROI measurement
Mar 19, 2024

Multi-account login with Primary and Switch functionality

The new login feature offers our users the convenience of accessing their primary account by default while enabling seamless transitions between accounts via a dropdown menu. With the ability to swiftly select a specific account or view a comprehensive list for switching purposes, users can easily manage their primary account and other associated accounts. Moreover, […]
AppsFlyer experience
Mar 14, 2024

Creative Optimization: adding Snap metrics

Creative Optimization is being enhanced by incorporating Snap metrics, such as impressions, clicks, and cost reported by Snap. This addition expands coverage and the capacity to assess and compare creative asset performance as gauged by partners. This data will be pulled into the platform automatically.
Creative Optimization
Mar 07, 2024

Creative Optimization AI Discovery product enhancements

The Discovery tab will now incorporate custom dimensions, custom metrics, and in-app events metrics. While these metrics were previously accessible in the Overview tab, they will now also be available in the Discovery tab. These newly integrated features are specifically tailored to enable you to achieve a heightened level of customization, allowing for advanced optimization […]
Creative Optimization
Mar 06, 2024

ROI360 support for Google Play Billing Library 6

ROI360 now supports Google’s Billing Library 6. This latest Android feature offers enhanced purchase and subscription management, improves error handling with new error codes, streamlines transaction processes, and boosts diagnostic logging. To upgrade, integrate the new SDK connector version 2.0.1.
ROI measurement

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