Security at AppsFlyer

How we ensure your data is protected

Staying ahead of the risks in an ever-evolving mobile ecosystem is crucial to the success of your business. Our platform is designed with security at the center, and backed by a dedicated team of experts who are always working to ensure your data is protected

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Product security

Security is an essential part of our product inside and out. From strict checkpoints in our security development lifecycle to continuous monitoring of our infrastructure and applications, we make sure our platform is secure 24/7/365. We’ve also implemented extensive measures to make sure your experience is safe and secure every time you log in to your account.


Cloud security

The cloud is an extension of our business. That’s why we only work with partners like AWS and GCP who hold the same high standards security and compliance as we do. We monitor environments across data centers using multi-layered controls to help protect our infrastructure in addition to anti-DDoS protection, WAF, API protection tools, and continuous 24/7 monitoring.


Business continuity

Making sure your data is fresh, accurate is our number one priority. That’s why we’ve created a business continuity plan that ensures critical operations and services are always available. Our services are hosted on a globally distributed network that provides continuous activity and provide multiple backups, allowing our servers to remain resilient in the event of significant failures.


Data security

Data security is a critical part of our efforts to help both you and your users. Our web servers support strong encryption protocols to secure connections between customer devices and our web services and APIs. All data is encrypted, both in transit and at rest leaving no vulnerabilities. There are also additional advanced options such as IP masking which you can implement at any time.

“We’re always on high alert. Always. We check and recheck our activity and seek to improve ourselves in every aspect in order to protect our systems. We don’t just check boxes, we are constantly thinking about how we can expand and go beyond.”

Dikla Saad Ramot, Chief Information Security Officer, AppsFlyer
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