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  • One-day basic workshop

    Learn the fundamentals of mobile attribution & marketing analytics, and get comfortable with AppsFlyer’s dashboard in this one day workshop for advertisers and agencies

  • Custom virtual or on-site training

    We will create a customized training program tailored to your team’s specific needs. You can choose to hold the training at an AppsFlyer office or let AppsFlyer come to you at the location of your choice.


“AppsFlyer’s MasterClass is a no brainer for anyone who is starting out in mobile attribution and analytics! Not only was it an amazing learning experience but I was able to immediately take what I learned in MasterClass and apply it to my day to day work responsibilities, which was, to steal a term from the class, great ROI.”

“Appsflyer’s MasterClass revealed the secrets behind how to successfully and effectively do Mobile Marketing. As a new startup time is always at a premium so having the chance to learn so much from a leader like AppsFlyer in a single day was invaluable.”

“Right after our MasterClass Training, our ability to incorporate advanced data measurement into our daily business-making process increased dramatically. It has allowed us to make smarter decisions across the board. It’s amazing what you can learn and the immediate action you can take to improve efficiency.”