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Alexey Medov (Guest Author) Aug 29, 2016

What You Need to Know to Break Into Russian Gaming Market

A primary goal of any business is to generate revenue and ensure continued revenue growth. The gaming industry is no exception. But how can gaming apps generate more revenue...
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5 Tips For Maximizing Lifetime Value In Mobile

Are mobile businesses finally waking up to lifetime value (LTV)? And are mobile marketers in particular beginning to prioritizemoo
Tom Farrell (Guest Author) | Aug 25, 2016
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Mobile App Marketing on iOS 10

Every major update to iOS presents new challenges and opportunities for mobile app marketers. At AppsFlyer, we work hardmoo
Jon Burg | Aug 22, 2016
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The AppsFlyer Performance Index Top Media Sources: Twitter

Last week we launched the Cream of Crop series which takes a closer look at the top ranking performersmoo
Shani Rosenfelder | Aug 17, 2016
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The AppsFlyer Performance Index Top Media Sources: AppLovin

The AppsFlyer Performance Index H1 2016 is out and we’re proud to be hosting top media performers in themoo
Shani Rosenfelder | Aug 10, 2016
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Cross-Device, Omni-Channel Tracking? Sure, But First Get Mobile Right

This post will not be about a sexy topic. It won’t be about omni-channel or cross-device measurement, nor willmoo
Shani Rosenfelder | Aug 04, 2016
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Top 10 + 5 Mobile Marketing Stats from July

  TOP 10 STATS   Mobile marketing research you need to know about $1T influenced by click-to-call commerce inmoo
Shani Rosenfelder | Aug 01, 2016
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Insider Secrets – Finding The Right KPIs for Your Mobile App

Mobile marketing measurement isn’t difficult, but there is an initial learning curve. One of the first challenges most mobilemoo
Jon Burg | Jul 26, 2016
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Appboy CEO Talks Customer Engagement In A Mobile-First World

A View from Above: Conversations with CEOs blog series is back with Mark Ghermezian, the CEO of Appboy, a leading customermoo
Shani Rosenfelder | Jul 26, 2016
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3 Insider Tips Getting Started with Mobile App Attribution

Signing with an attribution provider is an exciting milestone for mobile app marketers.  Whether this is your first timemoo
Jon Burg | Jul 21, 2016
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Visual Marketing

Why Emojis & GIFs Are The New Mobile Advertising Hype

In order to reach a young, tech savvy audience, it’s not surprising that brands have jumped on the emojimoo
Hannah Hastings (Guest Author) | Jul 18, 2016
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