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Jon Burg May 03, 2016

The New Dashboards Are Live! – Retention for Agencies – Upgraded Raw Data Reports – And More!

It’s been a busy month at AppsFlyer, and we are proud to share eight amazing updates with you. Welcome to the new Dashboard! After receiving positive feedback from hundreds...
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Top 10 + 5 Mobile Marketing Stats from April

TOP 10 STATS Mobile marketing research you need to know about $53B mobile native ad spend by 2020 –moo
Shani Rosenfelder | Apr 28, 2016
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New! The 2016 ‘Getting Started With Mobile Attribution’ Guide is Out

As a company that lives and breathes mobile attribution, it always comes as a surprise to realize just howmoo
Shani Rosenfelder | Apr 27, 2016
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Utilizing Data to Drive Performance of Utility Apps

As the mobile marketing industry has evolved, a new generation of mobile marketers has emerged. The new crop ofmoo
Jon Burg | Apr 26, 2016
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Game of Phones — Tech Plays in the Quest for the Iron Throne [Interactive Infographic]

Game of Thrones made its highly-anticipated season 6 debut on April 24, and to celebrate we’ve created an amazing dynamic gamemoo
Shani Rosenfelder | Apr 25, 2016
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Spotlight on Performance with eToro

In today’s highly measurable mobile marketing environment, performance is everything. It is no wonder that the biggest playersmoo
Florence Broder | Apr 19, 2016
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4 Types of Mobile Attribution Windows

In mobile attribution, a lookback window is used to determine which source gets credit for driving an app install.moo
Shani Rosenfelder | Apr 18, 2016
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Rewarded (Incentivized) Advertising — Not What You Think It Is

In today’s app ecosystem, rewarded AKA incentivized advertising sometimes gets a bad rep. It is often associated with cheap,moo
Shani Rosenfelder | Apr 12, 2016
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Apple TV: Are You Up To The Challenge?

With the growth of connected TV, we see the emergence of more platform-specific apps on more devices: Apple’s tvOS,moo
Florence Broder | Apr 11, 2016
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A Recipe For Discrepancy

Looking up ‘Discrepancy’ in the dictionary yields the following result: A lack of compatibility or similarity between two ormoo
Asaf Shamir | Apr 07, 2016
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