AppsFlyer for entertainment & music apps

Set the stage for better insights and higher revenue

We help you grow your audience, increase engagement, and drive new subscriptions, through comprehensive cross-channel measurement and in-app insights
AppsFlyer for entertainment and music apps
AppsFlyer solution for entertainment & music apps: Measure campaign performance

Measure campaign performance across every touchpoint

Running campaigns on multiple platforms, channels, and devices makes understanding the ones that drive high-value customers a challenge. That’s why we provide actionable insights into user journeys across web, mobile, and CTV.

AppsFlyer solution for entertainment & music apps: Boost subscriptions

Boost subscriptions through better insights

Getting a complete picture of in-app behavior can help significantly increase your revenue stream. Our attribution tools provide in-depth insights into subscriptions and renewals across both web and app so you can optimize LTV and ROI.

AppsFlyer solution for entertainment & music apps: Streamline CX across channels

Streamline your customer experience across channels

In a complicated digital landscape it’s important to not lose customers to broken journeys.  Our OneLink deep linking technology makes sure that when your customers click on a link, regardless of the channel or platform, they are taken directly to the right content every time.

AppsFlyer solution for entertainment & music apps: Advanced segmentation

Grow your following through advanced segmentation

The quickest way to grow your customer base is by leveraging your current audience. Our sophisticated segmentation tools help you re-engage current customers who have shown interest in specific content, and reach future loyal customers by finding similar audiences.

Don’t just take our word for it

FuboTV AppsFlyer Customer OG
Lower CPI on Android and iOS
Increase in budget allocation efficiency
“It’s all about data at the end of the day. There’s no other tool that aggregates and measures the data the way AppsFlyer does. Consolidating, comparing and being creative with the data helped our marketing teams come together to learn and rethink our marketing strategy across all channels and devices.”
Viacom AppsFlyer Customer OG
Improvement in user quality
New installs in a year
“AppsFlyer’s deep integrations with multiple partners served as the backbone for large, multi-channel campaigns at scale. Their attribution accuracy helped us identify the best channels, which enabled us to scale quickly without compromising our user quality.”
Amanotes AppsFlyer Customer OG
Blocked fraudulent installs
Prevented in-app fraudulent events
“Protect360 was exactly what was needed. It’s helped us save on costs while freeing up time and budget, which has paved the way for more efficiency and scale.”

The marketing platform that really performs

Get everything you need to understand cross-channel customer journeys, optimize in-app events, keep your customers engaged, and grow your audience, all in one platform.

Make every global partner part of your band

Connect with more media sources, ad networks, and analytics partners than any other marketing platform.

AppsFlyer solution for entertainment & music apps: Integrations
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