AppsFlyer cost aggregation

Understand your true mobile ROI

Our cost aggregation solution, Xpend, gives you the accurate and holistic insights you need to understand and optimize your marketing budget

Comprehensive cost data for smarter decisions

Cost Aggregation - Spend Data - AppsFlyer products

Get a complete view of your marketing spend

It’s difficult to get an accurate picture of your marketing efforts when cost data is fragmented. We make it easy for you to see all of your cost data in one central place, by providing a robust cost API supported for every network and cost model.

Cost Aggregation - Attribution Data - AppsFlyer products

Tie your cost data to accurate measurement

If your attribution data is wrong, your cost data is wrong. We do the hard work of tying together your cost and attribution data, so you can increase efficiency and accuracy while reducing the risk of mistakes.

cost aggregation - Simplify complex data

Simplify complex data

Reliable data is one piece of the puzzle. Xpend lets you easily visualize your cost data with comprehensive dashboards and reports. Our cohort reports help you slice and dice your data, or pivot by different dimensions, for easy-to-digest insights.

Cost Aggregation by AppsFlyer: Flexible approach

Discover a flexible approach to cost aggregation

There are many standards for cost data depending on the channel, source, and dimension. We built Xpend with the flexibility to extract cost data from any source, to make sure you always get the insights you need to maximize your ROI.


״Today, AppsFlyer’s cost aggregation solution has made meaningful improvements in the accuracy and granularity of cost data. We can now rely on cost data down to a specific country, source, campaign & site ID, and more, which is incredibly helpful for UA optimization.״

״Consolidating our mobile campaigns’ cost data into one platform with access to accurate attribution data has been extremely beneficial to my team. We can pull reports and make optimizations without hacking together or cross-referencing several different sources of data.״

״We’re proud to partner with AppsFlyer to offer apps a full view of cost and revenue, a key capability in performance marketing. Enabling accurate ROI calculations is a critical step towards increased efficiency and growth loop acceleration in a mobile app’s lifecycle.״

Key features

Reliable cost data means better marketing decisions. Explore how you can bring together and normalize all of your cost data to optimize ROI.

Cost ETL - Cost Aggregation Icon

Cost ETL

Get complete access to all of your cost data streamlined into an ETL process.

InCost API - Cost Aggregation Icon

InCost API

Standardized API for partners, enabling frictionless cost reporting for any network.

File ingestion - Cost Aggregation Icon

File ingestion

Use Ad Spend Ingestion to record cost from networks that don’t report cost data via API.

Audience Metrics - Cost Aggregation Icon

Payout rules

Enforce your IO for CPA and CPI payout calculations audiences.

Real-time cost

Calculate each campaign’s eCPI, eCPA and ROI in real-time.

Comprehensive ad spend data for smarter decisions

Xpend provides you with 100% full coverage of your marketing spend.

Cost Aggregation by AppsFlyer:: Comprehensive ad spend data
Xpend - Cost Aggregation Integrations

Frequently asked questions

How can I export my cost data?

CostETL is the best way to export your cost data. It provides a complete data export into an S3 bucket that includes all of your cost data at every level of granularity.

Are there any cost-correction tools?

Xpend provides you with different methods to correct cost data, ensuring that the most up to date data is always available.

What level of granularity is available for cost data?

Cost data is available at the deepest granularity provided by partners, down to the side ID and keyword level.

Smarter marketing decisions start with better data