Customer experience and deep linking

Boost revenue with awesome customer experiences

AppsFlyer’s customer experience and engagement suite, powered by our reliable deep linking engine, enables you to create personalized, contextual experiences that significantly increase conversions and revenue

Seamless customer journeys that drive user acquisition and retention

Better experiences are the key to better marketing. Discover how our customer experience and engagement suite lets you create exceptional experiences that convert across channels and operating systems.

Smart Banners and Smart Scripts

Smart Banners and Smart Script dynamically generate links behind banners, web copy, CTAs, badges, etc. to effectively drive and measure traffic from mid-funnel, high-intent users arriving at your site as you seamlessly direct them to your app

ESP Integrations

Deliver users smoothly from their mobile inbox to specific in-app content, allowing you to drive higher conversions, LTV, and engagement. Tight ESP integration ensure that links never break, letting you connect the dots between email and app attribution metrics

Messaging, SMS, and push notifications

Engage users with discounts, limited-time offers, and time-sensitive messages using dynamically generated short links, smoothly and reliably delivering users to contextual in-app content

Social landing pages

By routing users from social feeds to landing pages, you’ll engage the right users and connect them smoothly and contextually to the right in-app content. Measure engagement, installs, and loyalty to assess ROI and plan future tactics from the minute you launch your campaign.

QR codes

Seamlessly route users into your app from QR code scans taken at key engagement points. Drive user acquisition through connecting online and offline customer touch points to app engagement.

User invites, referrals, and content sharing

Leverage the trust between friends to drive new users to your app through direct referrals, user invites, and content sharing. Build frictionless paths from a user share directly to specific in-app content.
Customer experience and deep linking by AppsFlyer: Increase conversions with engaging customer journeys

Increase conversions with engaging customer journeys

Smooth end user experiences have a direct impact on revenue, loyalty, and LTV. That’s why we developed our suite of engagement tools that let you create exceptional experiences and deliver 2-5X more conversions for true return on experience (ROX).

CX and deep linking by AppsFlyer: Create and manage digital experiences with ease

CX and deep linking by AppsFlyer: Create and manage digital experiences with ease

Your customers interact with your brand across numerous online and offline touchpoints. Our engagement suite allows you to create, manage, and measure mobile marketing campaigns across every major channel, including email, social media, mobile web, QR codes, and more.

Customer experience and deep linking by AppsFlyer: Maximize performance in the era of privacy with owned media

Maximize performance in the era of privacy with owned media

Owned media has always been instrumental for customer acquisition and remarketing, and as the industry continues to change it’s becoming even more important. Running owned media campaigns with our engagement suite enables you to ensure user privacy and security while supporting your growth goals.

“OneLink was simple, powerful, and ready-to-go out of the box. It had everything we needed to run a bold offline campaign with full confidence. We could attribute key in-app events with the same granularity as online campaigns.“

Our deep linking engine does the hard work so you don’t have to

OneLink, our deep linking technology, automatically sends the user either directly to the chosen in-app content, or to download the app in the right app store.

CX and deep linking by AppsFlyer: OneLink technology
AppsFlyer deep linking engine
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Frequently asked questions

I’m a marketer. I want to learn more about deep linking, where should I look?

We have a few resources ready-made for you. For some in-depth reading, take a look at Deep linking 101.

Does AppsFlyer offer deferred deep linking?

Yes, our OneLink technology understands where to direct a user regardless of whether an app is installed or not. If the app is not installed, deferred deep linking occurs: users are directed to the right app store, after which they are routed to the desired in-app content.

Do I need OneLink if I use iOS Universal Links or Android App Links?

Yes, otherwise you’ll still have to create links for each platform. OneLink leverages Apple and Android’s deep linking mechanisms (iOS Universal Links and Android App Links, respectively), allowing you to create a single link that automatically determines the best way to route your users so that they always arrive at their destination regardless of channel, platform, or OS.

Can I use deep links without being a paid, AppsFlyer customer?

Yes! You start using deep linking today, along with attribution and other core capabilities. Check out of our “Zero budget marketing plan” for more info.

What attribution data can I get from OneLink deep links?

Our deep links contain rich attribution data about user journeys including what campaign they came from, who referred them, what content they saw when clicking on the link, and more. This contextual information helps you deliver a smooth, relevant experience from the click to when the app is opened.

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