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We don’t see privacy as a limit, we see it as a starting point. With the right partner, technology, and strategy on your side, iOS 14+ goes from being a challenge to an opportunity to reimagine marketing measurement.

Remove the barriers of iOS 14+ with a 360-degree solution that pushes your business to a whole new level

AppsFlyer for iOS privacy revolution

Join the privacy revolution

We don’t believe in either/or choices. That’s why we never make you choose between accuracy and privacy. We have developed a new standard for privacy that guarantees your user data is protected. Our approach ensures that you’re aligned with Apple’s privacy framework and in full control of your data.

AppsFlyer for iOS SKAdNetwork coverage

Get comprehensive SKAdNetwork coverage

Discover a new world of opportunities with our all-in-one SKAdNetwork solution. From optimizing your strategy and fine-tuning conversion values, to protecting your campaigns from fraud, and even predicting future campaign success, our solution gives you everything you need.

Maximize your owned assets

Your mobile website and owned media assets have always been a powerful source of high-intent traffic, and with the changes in iOS 14+ are now more important than ever. We help you turn your mobile website into a source of new growth opportunities with measurable campaigns and seamless web-to-app journeys.

Don’t just take our word for it

Twitter - AppsFlyer customer

“We’ve been working closely with AppsFlyer to deliver a fully operational plug-and-play SKAdNetwork solution in record time. The solution was designed together to validate all advertisers’ needs from SKAdNetwork are met: data trust, granularity, optimization, and measurement. This is another exciting step for advertisers, delivering upon our promise of helping drive business success while maximizing end-user privacy.”

Snap - AppsFlyer customer

“We’re excited to cooperate with AppsFlyer’s SKAdNetwork solution. We believe MMPs will remain a key solution for advertisers to keep their data actionable post-iOS 14.”

“We’re excited to cooperate with AppsFlyer’s SKAdNetwork solution. MMPs continue to have an important role to play in the post-iOS 14 era, empowering advertisers to streamline implementation of SKAdNetwork and continue to access their data in an actionable way.”

A platform built for comprehensive insights and privacy

All of our products are designed to work seamlessly with iOS to ensure you keep getting powerful insights without any limits or interruptions.

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