AppsFlyer for finance apps

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We help you increase account creation, engagement, and retention, while giving you complete control of your data, and unmatched security and privacy
AppsFlyer for finance apps
AppsFlyer solution for finance apps: Optimize customer journeys

Understand and optimize customer journeys across platforms and devices

Customers interact with your brand across platforms and devices. We give you complete insight into customer journeys on web, mobile web, and app, so that you can leverage your brand’s digital presence to increase engagement and keep customers coming back for more.

AppsFlyer solution for finance apps: Create engaging CX

Create engaging customer experiences across the digital landscape

Increasing customer engagement is key to growing your app. By combining the industry’s most reliable deep links with comprehensive measurement data, we help you measure and optimize campaigns across web, email, social media, and SMS.

AppsFlyer solution for finance apps: Keep data secure and private

Keep your data secure, private, and in your control

Data access and security are of central importance for every finance app. We built our platform with a privacy-by-design approach, so that you can be sure your customers’ data is always safe and compliant.

AppsFlyer solution for finance apps: Protect your ad budget

Protect your ad budget from every type of fraud

Finance apps are targeted by fraud more often than any other industry. To keep your ad budget safe, our industry-leading fraud solutions offer comprehensive protection, before, during, and after install, so that you always have the upper hand against ever-evolving threats.

Don’t just take our word for it

UnionBank AppsFlyer Customer OG
Saved on ad spend
Blocked fraudulent installs
Increase in conversion rate
“After discussing Protect360 with senior management, everyone was impressed and extremely satisfied with the end result—saving an exponential amount of money on advertising by blocking fraudulent installs.”
Linkaja AppsFlyer Customer OG
Saved on ad spend
Growth in user base
“We used AppsFlyer’s Protect360 as our ‘VAR-referee’ (source of truth) that can be fairly acceptable across media partners.”
Angel Broking AppsFlyer Customer OG
Decrease in CPA
Increase in user acquisition
“The AppsFlyer team has supported Angel’s digital marketing team in optimizing campaigns with a focus on specific audience segments. AppsFlyer resolved our cost efficiency challenge with their drilled down analytical approach in understanding cohort attributes, improving customer acquisition, and lowering CPA”

Enrich your user acquisition and retention

Get everything you need to reach new audiences, engage your current users, and drive revenue, while keeping your customers’ data secure and compliant.

We put every global partner into your account

Connect with more media sources, ad networks, and analytics partners than any other marketing platform.

AppsFlyer solution for finance apps: Integrations
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