Measurement suite by AppsFlyer
Measurement suite

Measure every action with confidence

Our measurement suite gives you full visibility into the source of your conversions and which campaigns and channels bring in the best users, while preserving customer privacy

Accurate measurement that provides holistic insights into your customer journeys

AppsFlyer measurement: Get app measurement data you can trust

Get app measurement data you can trust

Effective marketing decisions need reliable attribution data, regardless if you’re a startup or have millions of users. Our unmatched scale and uptime support, with over 1 trillion in-app events measured monthly, give you the most accurate data in the industry.

See the full picture of your campaigns

Mobile app attribution is a critical piece of the puzzle. Adding web, TV, CTV, and out-of-store attribution gives you the full picture of customer journeys across devices, platforms, and channels, removing the guesswork, and letting you make good choices.

AppsFlyer measurement: Customize everything to suit your needs

Customize everything to suit your needs

Your business needs are dynamic. With configurable, self-serve integrations and customizable attribution settings, our platform is designed to adapt to your business. And, our integrated privacy controls let you decide how you want to connect with partners.

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“AppsFlyer is our source of truth when it comes to attribution. We have gained full 360-degree insight to our user acquisition activity, while lowering our costs. No marketing tech stack is complete without AppsFlyer.”

“There’s no other tool that aggregates and measures the data the way AppsFlyer does. Consolidating, comparing and being creative with the data helped our marketing teams come together to learn and rethink our marketing strategy across all channels and devices.”

“Our apps are some of the most downloaded in history. We need reliable access to our data to make informed decisions in real-time. AppsFlyer was our clear choice as their services meet our needs and support our massive scale. Their data fuels our BI, 24/7 with all the insights we could ask for.”

Key features

 Measurement doesn’t have to be hard work. Discover how you can visualize, analyze, and customize all of your data.

Multi-touch attribution icon

Multi-touch attribution

Get a wider perspective of customer journeys, identifying all touchpoints contributing to conversions.

Unlimited rich in-app events

Dive deep into post-install behavior to discover the true value of your traffic.

Web-to-app measurement

Analyze the impact of web campaigns on your app to understand when and how visitors install your app.

Cross-device measurement

Measure customer interactions with your brand, whether on mobile, desktop, tablet, or TV.

Configurable attribution windows

Define click, view-through, and attribution windows at a granular level.

Uninstall measurement

Understand which campaigns and creatives aren’t working, and what is driving customers to uninstall.

Support for domestic China

Get exclusive support, including data storage on relay servers in China and integrations with domestic media partners.

TV & CTV attribution

Optimize your broadcast and CTV app campaign performance on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Google Chromecast and Xbox.

SDK or S2S integration

Combine the power of the most connected SDK and server-to-server APIs to get full 360° reporting.

Integrate with over 9,000 partners worldwide

Connect with more media sources, ad networks, and analytics partners than with any other SDK in the industry.

AppsFlyer measurement: Integrate with over 9,000 partners worldwide
AppsFlyer partner integrations Attribution

Frequently asked questions

How does AppsFlyer attribute activity related to my app?

AppsFlyer measures app activity such as installs and in-app events, via an SDK (Software Development Kit) installed on the app. The SDK helps advertisers connect with over 8,000 ad networks, agencies and technology partners via a single integration point.

Is it complicated to implement the SDK? How long will it take?

Implementing the SDK isn’t complicated, but does require cooperation from both the R&D and marketing teams to get set up and define in-app events, map connections with BI systems (where relevant), and perform testing. Most medium-sized mobile apps are up and running within a matter of days.

Will AppsFlyer slow my app down?

AppsFlyer’s SDK is lightweight so it won’t affect your app’s performance, slow it down, or require extensive storage. The end user will not feel its presence at all.

How quickly can I get started?

You can get started today by joining a live demo or signing up for our Zero plan.

Ready to measure every action with confidence?