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December 7, 2021

AppsFlyer teams up with Intel to introduce The AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud

November 16, 2021

AppsFlyer survey reveals majority of enterprises are mobile-first as over 40% of total sales are now exclusively through mobile apps

October 19, 2021

AppsFlyer launches SKAdNetwork ranking for the new privacy era in latest Performance Index

October 5, 2021

AppsFlyer report finds 55% surge in consumer spend in eCommerce apps leading into the 2021 Holiday Season

September 9, 2021

AppsFlyer launches Conversion Studio to enable single source mapping for SKAdNetwork post-install measurement

June 9, 2021

FinTech marketers invested $3B on user acquisition in 2020 according to AppsFlyer

April 14, 2021

AppsFlyer white paper reveals measurement solutions are table stakes as advertisers remain concerned about compliance with privacy protection laws and regulations

March 25, 2021

AppsFlyer’s latest Performance Index shows Google leads in scale, while Facebook dominates quality

March 25, 2021

AppsFlyer and MMA surveys find disconnect between how smartphone owners and marketers think of data use and privacy

March 17, 2021

AppsFlyer and MMA survey finds smartphone owners highly concerned about marketers’ use of their data

February 11, 2021

AppsFlyer announces Predictive Analytics product for SKAdNetwork as part of SK360, its comprehensive SKAdNetwork suite

February 9, 2021

AppsFlyer ranked #1 best marketing product by G2

January 24, 2021

AppsFlyer, the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation launch a technological program to make the museum accessible to all online

November 24, 2020

AppsFlyer exceeds $200 million in ARR and sets its sights on shaping the future of the marketing tech stack

November 11, 2020

AppsFlyer report shows major growth for mobile gaming sector as demand for gaming apps soars 45% in 2020

October 29, 2020

AppsFlyer launches first global attribution solution for Apple’s App Clips

October 28, 2020

AppsFlyer and MMA survey finds marketers becoming increasingly familiar with IDFA protocol as 56% anticipate negative impact

October 21, 2020

AppsFlyer is the first attribution platform to introduce an incrementality product delivering marketers a top-down analysis of the effectiveness of their remarketing campaigns

October 14, 2020

Facebook hits #1 position in mobile app advertising, according to AppsFlyer’s latest Performance Index

October 6, 2020

AppsFlyer announces its advanced deep linking solution, OneLink, now available on Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading enterprise cloud marketplace

September 16, 2020

AppsFlyer prepares marketers for upcoming holiday season as eCommerce app usage rises 25% globally

September 16, 2020

AppsFlyer named to the Forbes Cloud 100 for the second year in a row

September 10, 2020

AppsFlyer launches Xpend to provide marketers accurate cost data at scale in one holistic platform

September 3, 2020

AppsFlyer rolls out SKAdNetwork readiness suite for iOS 14, empowering app developers to take full control over their data

July 28, 2020

AppsFlyer report finds global financial exposure to app install ad fraud drops 30% to $1.6 billion

June 11, 2020

Remarketing fuels 35% of app marketing conversions according to a new report by AppsFlyer

June 9, 2020

AppsFlyer launches Zero, its free-for-life software and APIs to help brands tap into their owned media

June 2, 2020

Facebook Audience Network and AppsFlyer launch first-to-market campaign-level in-app advertising measurement

May 21, 2020

AppsFlyer integrates with industry’s leading campaign management platforms to streamline marketing workflows

April 21, 2020

Finance apps see 90% increase in install market share worldwide according to AppsFlyer

April 2, 2020

AppsFlyer taps performance-driven executive, Mar Brandt, to lead North America sales

March 31, 2020

Google reigns supreme: Becomes #1 player in mobile app advertising according to AppsFlyer Performance Index

February 16, 2020

Putting people first, AppsFlyer cancels its MWC 2020 attendance

January 21, 2020

AppsFlyer raises $210 million, positioning attribution at the core of the marketing tech stack

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