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Our audiences solution gives you the insights and flexibility to provide customers with relevant, engaging conversations while preserving their privacy
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One centralized place to segment, manage, and amplify your audiences

Audience segmentation by AppsFlyer: Send the right message to the right audience

Send the right message to the right audience, every time

When running remarketing campaigns, reaching the right audience can be a challenge. We help you provide exceptional experiences for your users, while optimizing your budget, by providing clear visualizations of audience overlap, so you don’t send duplicate or contradicting messages.

Audience segmentation by AppsFlyer: incremental lift

Understand the real impact of every campaign with incremental measurement

To optimize your remarketing, you need to be able to distinguish the impact of paid and organic engagement. Our incrementality solution provides full visibility into the impact of your remarketing through A/B tests that accurately measure incremental lift.

Audience segmentation by AppsFlyer: Leverage data

Leverage data from all of your sources for more effective remarketing campaigns

The better the segmentation of your remarketing campaign, the better the performance. By bringing together all of your data in one place, including additional user-attributes from your BI or CRM, you can provide a more relevant and contextual experience for your customers.

Don’t just take our word for it

eCooltra AppsFlyer Customer OG
Faster growth
Increase in in-app conversions
Higher user loyalty
“AppsFlyer’s dedication to both attribution accuracy and customer success, as well as their integrations with the broader ecosystem and cost reporting have made them an indispensable part of our growth stack.“
Rosetta Stone AppsFlyer Customer OG
Increase in LTV
Increase in revenue
Decrease in CPI
“AppsFlyer’s custom reacquisition windows and re-engagement dashboards helped us make Apple Search Ads one of our highest performing channels for both new user acquisition and returning user re-engagement.”
Nykaa AppsFlyer Customer OG
Increase in installs
Improvement in CPI
Boost in retention
“Thanks to AppsFlyer we were able to build smart, dynamic and targeted audience segments that drastically improved user acquisition, re-engagement and our bottom-line performance.

Key features

Clear audience insights are the key to better remarketing. Discover how you can drive engagement through meaningful conversations that always respect user privacy.

Audience metrics

Analyze the KPIs associated with each of your audience segments for detailed insights

Incrementality testing

Run sophisticated A/B tests to understand the real impact of your remarketing strategy

Cross-device segmentation

Enable audience segmentation based on how customers engage across multiple devices

User attributes

Segment audiences using static or dynamic characteristics provided directly by your users.

Exclusion lists

Keep down user acquisition costs by excluding existing users when launching on a new network

Connect with all of your partners in just one click

With our extensive list of pre-configured API integrations, syncing with partners is quick and easy

Solução da AppsFlyer para apps de alimentos e bebidas: integrações
Audience segmentation by AppsFlyer: Integrations
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Frequently asked questions

Are my audiences dynamically refreshed?

Yes. Each of your segments are defined once and kept up to date on the fly.

Are segments synced automatically to partner networks?

Yes. AppsFlyer Audiences automates the process of syncing with each of your segments to one or more networks, no manual work necessary.

How do I know if my audience segments are performing well?

With Audience Metrics, you are able to measure the performance of each audience alongside your most important KPIs. In addition, by measuring the impact of incremental lift, you’ll be able to understand the impact of your remarketing campaigns.

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