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Q2 2016 Mobile Marketing Benchmarks – India Edition

In the last 1-2 years, India has seen explosve mobile growth. In fact, by 2017 the sub-continent is projected to pass the US and become the world’s second largest smartphone market after China. India is also ranked third in total Google Play downloads app downloads, while the growth rate on both Google Play and the App Store hit 50% last year.

The average Indian mobile user is hungry for apps. According to the India edition of the Vserv Smartphone User Persona Report (SUPR), 24% of the country’s 160 million-strong smartphone user base downloads as many as 18 apps and games in a single month!

Despite such growth, there have been few reports benchmarking data that marketers need to do their job properly. That’s where the AppsFlyer India Study comes in! Fill in your details below to get:

  • The AppsFlyer Performance Index: India Edition ranking the top networks operating in India based on retention and scale
  • Retention benchmarks per platform and per category
  • Spend per app per platform in addition to a breakdown into the popular shopping category


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