Data clean room

Privacy-centric data collaboration for commerce media

Monetize first-party data, run activation campaigns, and closed-loop, omnichannel measurement through the use of our data clean rooms and privacy enhancing technologies (PETs).

One powerful platform for audience activation and insights

Privacy-centric collaboration for first-party data monetization

Empower brands to activate commerce audiences by securely provisioning their data. Then, precisely create anonymized segments for targeting purposes utilizing industry-setting privacy enhancing technologies and an award-winning data clean room.

Seamless and user-friendly, from onboarding to ongoing

Onboard within minutes and easily grant permissions, join datasets, and collaborate to run onsite or offsite targeting and activation. Create automatic flows to provision new data securely, from any environment.

Closed-loop measurement for complete transparency

AppsFlyer is uniquely positioned to help brands and networks solve the commerce measurement challenge, thanks to our significant measurement capabilities and close relationships with the walled gardens. Experience a leap in precision targeting like never before, backed by the global measurement market leader.

Key features

Regaining data visibility means you can once again make marketing decisions with confidence. Discover how our Data Clean Room solution can help you maximize your campaigns while keeping your customer data safe.

Cloud-agnostic platform

Provision data from any sources to empower limitless collaboration on our interoperable platform

Rich audience building tools

Segment audiences for onsite or offsite activation with ease for precise targeting

Trusted, industry leading PETs

Leverage a globally acclaimed data clean room for privacy today, tomorrow, and beyond

Connect with global brands

Collaborate with thousands of brands, thanks to AppsFlyer’s strong global footprint

Advanced data query tools

Slice and dice your data with built-in tools to uncover insights and increase ROAS

Controlled data collaboration

Work with the businesses and data systems of your preference to fuel innovation

Ready to start making good data-driven choices?