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In 1980, a 400 square-foot cookie store that would eventually evolve into Panera Bread opened its doors in Boston.

Now with 2,300 bakery-cafes across the US and Canada, Panera has grown into one of the leading restaurant brands in North America. They operate with a mindset of living and eating well, an ethos that inspires their marketers to reach consumers across myriad channels with offers designed to do just that.

Their mobile app launched in 2014, and quickly became a key channel to drive sales and scale MyPanera, their popular customer loyalty program.


With a growing portion of their sales relying heavily on their mobile app, the Panera marketing team needed a way to increase digital sales, app downloads and MyPanera sign ups.

They ran campaigns across paid media, owned media, and email targeted towards these efforts but measurement and insight into scalable opportunities limited funding in this area. The team also recognized there was an opportunity to improve reporting in house, as well as with their partners + publishers, reducing reliance on outside partner specific reporting to quantify campaign success.

Their marketing agency recommended AppsFlyer to give Panera the data they needed to meaningfully advance their mobile success.

The team started their mobile measurement journey by focusing on basic metrics such as app installs and online orders. They soon saw that sign ups for their rewards program correlated to higher value customers, cementing the MyPanera registration event as their north star, with cost-per-install, and cost-per-order following closely behind.


AppsFlyer attribution data helped Panera break down the walls between campaigns to run omni-channel marketing.

Leveraging the raw data API to connect all AppsFlyer data to Panera’s agency, they were able to be sure everyone was looking at the same information.

In addition, out-of-the-box reporting meant the Panera team could share information with key partners with only a few clicks, ensuring they were getting accurate and unbiased performance data.

“In a world where every dollar is so important, attribution data from AppsFlyer allows us to maximize our campaign performance to be good stewards of the company.” – RJ Keeney, Digital Media Lead


The team was able to expand the channels and media spaces they operated in while having deeper insight into campaign performance.

This insight meant they could grow and scale strategically knowing data supported their decisions. Being able to say that a campaign drove X number of MyPanera sign ups at Y cost was a game changer. The team could act smarter.

It also allowed them to make the case for the efficacy of their owned media, while being able to be better advocates on the media side for their colleagues on the MyPanera rewards team. In this way, data from AppsFlyer really flowed throughout the entire organization and became a key contributor to overall business intelligence.

Looking to the future, the Panera team wants to more clearly define the ideal consumer journey based off of their relationship with their consumers. OneLink, AppsFlyer’s deep linking solution, is a tool that they think will help them take advantage of their strong owned media by creating a seamless web-to-app customer journey.

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