State of app marketing in India – 2022 edition



What’s inside

The India app market sustained its phenomenal pace of growth in 2021, driven partly by a second wave in the COVID-19 pandemic that brought about a new round of state lockdowns that lasted from April to June. 

As a new surge of users joined India’s mobile-first economy, a number of new players began to emerge in popular categories such as Food & Drink, Shopping, Finance, and Gaming. This made installs and new users an increasingly scarce commodity, even as ad spending ramped up 68% year over year (from $994M in 2020 to $1.6B in 2021).

It’s clear that spending is no longer enough. Marketers have therefore turned increasingly to cost-effective strategies to drive user growth and revenue, with marketers implementing several retention tactics to improve retention rates amidst tough competition. 

While the competitive landscape has grown more fierce over the past year, fraud still continues to be a concern, and safeguarding marketing budgets has never been more important.

Although capturing granular data in today’s privacy-focused mobile environment remains a challenge, especially with Android’s updates looming on the horizon; we’re confident that marketers will continue to hone their tools and solutions to get the data they need to optimize their spend.

In this year’s edition of the State of App Marketing in India, we take a look at the key trends that have been driving the Indian app market and round off the report with recommendations from some of the best app marketing wizards in the business.

Highlights include:

  • App install trends and geographical insights
  • App uninstall insights and retention benchmarks
  • Predictions for 2022 from app marketing experts

We hope you enjoy this report as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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