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Click Farms

What Are Click Farms?

Click farms (AKA device farms or phone farms) are physical locations full of real mobile devices used to perpetrate mobile click fraud. By repeatedly clicking on mobile ads, click farms drain display-based marketing campaigns. 


How This Works:

Fraudsters operating these farms own and operate real applications which they use to publish ads. Cheap laborers or machines are used to engage with ads and install advertiser’s apps.

Click farms usually try and tap into campaigns in regions with lucrative payouts by changing their IP addresses using VPN and Proxy software, often hiding their activity behind Limit Ad Tracking and DeviceID Reset Fraud.


How click farms work


Why AppsFlyer:

Relying on its massive mobile device database, AppsFlyer creates a blacklist of Site IDs that consistently shows irregular behavior of unknown devices, flushing out potential click farm scams.


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