Limit ad tracking (LAT)

Limit ad tracking (LAT) is a feature on iOS devices that allows users to opt-out of personalized advertising.

What is limit ad tracking?

A privacy feature on Apple devices that has been around since the release of iOS 10 in 2016, LAT allows users to choose whether or not advertisers receive data about activity generated by their devices.

When enabled, LAT zeros users’ IDFA which in plain english means that instead of a string of numbers, measurement providers will receive a string of zeros for a given DeviceID.

Why is limit ad tracking important

Up until the release of iOS 14, LAT was the primary way in which iOS users could opt out of sharing their IDFA. Now all users on Apple devices operating iOS 14 or later are instead shown a prompt called the App Tracking Transparency Framework, or ATT, and only if they select “Allow Tracking” will their IDFA be shared.

In the context of fraud, criminals had previously attempted to hide install fraud by enabling Limit Ad Tracking. 

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