Championing iOS14+ for mobile gaming apps


Danna Wong Vertical Strategy Lead Innovation Hub, Meta
Yifei Guan Marketing Science Partner, Facebook Gaming at Meta
Joel Kirk Growth Manager, ANZ, AppsFlyer
Jen Barratt CSM, ANZ, AppsFlyer

Key highlights:

  • (5:57) Mobile advertising industry review
  • (11:00) Understanding Apple’s ATT
  • (32:11) Conversion schema optimization


In the privacy-first era, mobile gaming apps are finding it more challenging than ever to acquire, retain, and engage high-value players over time.

AppsFlyer and Facebook Gaming team up to share game-changing solutions and insights that help you optimize your campaigns fast, and build a solid first-party data strategy that’s ready for an IDFA-less future.

This webinar will highlight the key trends and insights of the post-ATT era, particularly in the Greater China market. We’ll share the latest best practices and innovations to help you navigate the challenges of SKAdNetwork measurement. You’ll also get tips and recommendations from Meta to help you set up and manage successful iOS ad campaigns.

Watch till the end to understand the three key opportunity areas Meta sees regularly across the mobile industry to optimize conversion schemas and improve performance.


The state of gaming app marketing 2023

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