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In-App Events

Understanding Post-Install Activity/User Behavior

In-app events are any post-install user activity inside an app. Examples include login, add-to-cart, in-app purchase, tutorial completion, and level 5 success. Valuable insights you gain from in-app events can help you take campaign optimization to the next level, inform budget allocations and segment your audience. Granular segmentation offers a basis for successful audience campaigns like lookalike targeting and personalized retargeting.

Every app developer tries to engage users, but the challenge is to identify loyal users and understand their post-install behavior. In-app events can help you answer these questions: Who are the users that open your app almost daily? Which users will pay for new features? In-app events allow you to measure the activity of your strongest and most desirable users. The in-app events you include should be aligned with your KPIs (key performance indicators).

You can also gather rich data parameters, or added parameters, using what are known as rich in-app events. For example, while it helps to know which users have completed a purchase, rich-data parameters report what items they purchased, at what price and which engagement campaign drove their purchases.

Rich in-app events are essential in determining the value of your users and the quality of the traffic you get from different media sources.

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