Loyal user

A loyal user is a definition used by AppsFlyer to describe someone that, after downloading and launching an app, opens it at least three more times.

What is a loyal user?

An offshoot of a broader concept – customer loyalty – the term “loyal user” was created by AppsFlyer to help app marketers and developers better understand user engagement.

While the default setting for loyal users is currently defined as users with at least three sessions post-install, other in-app events may be used to define this engagement metric such as registrations or purchases.

Why are loyal users important?

Apps, just like brick and mortar stores, benefit from customer loyalty (and understanding how to define/measure it).

In the context of the mobile ecosystem, customer loyalty often refers to cohorts, or groups, of users with similarly desirable characteristics for and app’s bottom line such as:

  • Higher engagement
  • More in-app purchases
  • Better subscription rates
  • More user referrals/invites
  • Higher retention
  • Lower churn
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