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AppsFlyer is the world's leading mobile attribution & marketing analytics platform, helping app marketers around the world make better decisions.
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That's why we chose AppsFlyer, and never looked back.
Jacob Kruger
Head of Marketing
AppsFlyer is an essential part of our performance marketing decision-making process.
Taylor Adams
Director, Growth
I recommend AppsFlyer because it is a very solid platform.

Without AppsFlyer, our spending would be 50% lower.
Enrique Tapias
AppsFlyer is Turo’s window into mobile.
Adam Miller
Mobile Marketing & Analytics Manager
Without ROI it’s really hard to justify any marketing spend.
So AppsFlyer has enabled us to expand our mobile program and really grow as a platform.
Rebecca Green
Mobile Marketing Manager
AppsFlyer is a critical part of our mobile marketing technology stack.
Aakash Gupta
Senior Manager, Growth Marketing
AppsFlyer is the start and end of all of our data questions.
Justin Neustadter
Mobile User Acquisition Manager
It’s critical for us to understand where we are getting our users from, and where they are engaged so that we can invest our resources in the best possible way.
Julia Mak
Director of Marketing & Growth
For Credit Karma, AppsFlyer is our source of truth for all things mobile app install attribution.
John Gelb
Marketing Manager
The AppsFlyer and Adobe partnership gives marketers a single source of (omnichannel) truth.
Matt Asay
VP, Mobile
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