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We give you the tools to measure your web campaigns and create exceptional web-to-app customer experiences, while preserving customer privacy.
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Web measurement solution: Measure and analyze web traffic

Measure and analyze web traffic

Understanding your web campaigns is key to optimizing your performance.  We provide the clear and detailed web attribution data so you can see which media sources, types, and channels bring you the most website visits and conversions.

Web measurement solution: Connect your web and app measurement 

Connect your web and app measurement

User journeys are fragmented across channels, platforms, and devices. We help you unify your web and app marketing so you can get the full picture of how customers are engaging with your brand, from which channels are driving web visits and conversions, to web-assisted app installs.

Web measurement solution: See every step of the customer journey

See every step of the customer journey

To optimize your campaigns, it’s important to understand which customer journeys generate the highest revenue. Conversion path analysis gives you the ability to measure every mobile and web touchpoint along the customer journey, so you can get the most from your campaigns.

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Reduction in CPI across Android and iOS
Increase in budget allocation efficiency
“It’s all about data at the end of the day. There’s no other tool that aggregates and measures the data the way AppsFlyer does. Consolidating, comparing and being creative with the data helped our marketing teams come together to learn and rethink our marketing strategy across all channels and devices.”
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Increase in marketing ROI
Web and app events measured monthly
“AppsFlyer’s holistic web and app attribution brought the missing data pieces to our revenue and LTV measurement. This allowed us to take better control of our overall marketing strategy and budget.”

Use industry’s most robust platform for digital marketers

AppsFlyer provides comprehensive measurement for every channel and device and enables you with accurate, holistic insights into every customer journey.

CTV & OTT solution: Measure
CTV & OTT solution: Analyze
CTV & OTT solution: Engage
CTV & OTT solution: Protect
CTV & OTT solution: Connect
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