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Quickly test new channels with advanced segmentation capabilities and thousands of integrations. Then, identify the highest-performing elements of every campaign and optimize your acquisition efforts with industry-leading tools.
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It will take you just two and a half minutes to learn how you can grow to a million users and beyond with the tools to diversify your marketing channels and measure your results, at scale.

Test new channels in hours, not weeks

Our widely adopted SDK puts over 11,000 media sources just a few clicks away. Test and measure your performance in more places without spending tons of development resources on your efforts.

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Double-down on your best audience segments

Once you’ve identified the high-potential segments in your user base, easily replicate those audience segments to reach the same genre of user on multiple platforms. No need to craft a new segment from scratch on every new media source.

Adapt in real-time with unified measurement

Unify your performance data from all channels, media sources, and devices into one place. Deep dive into everything from eCPI to ROI, to in-app events, clicks, and impressions and optimize accurately, faster than ever.

Drill down into the creative elements that convert

What creative makes your users click? Use granular, AI-based insights to identify the creative elements that convert on every channel. Scale your creative success and acquire more users with data by your side.

Don’t just take our word for it

Social Point AppsFlyer Customer OG
Decrease in CPI
Increase in conversion
Higher LTV
Social Point needed to scale but at the right price. Using AppsFlyer’s attribution and marketing analytics solutions, the team 4X’ed their conversion and saw a 34% decrease in CPI.
La Redoute AppsFlyer Customer OG
Increase in app downloads
Increase in active users
Growth in new customers
La Redoute needed to increase app installs, engagement and purchases. With Appsflyer they were able to easily monitor cross-channel, full-funnel performance which resulted in a decrease in CPI and increase in both retention and conversion.
remarketing budget growth
time and resources saved
average number monthly tests
Wolt was manually testing across 23 markets. Leveraging AppsFlyer’s incrementality solution they were able to ramp up to 15 tests per month in these markets resulting in more insights and smarter budget allocation.
Queenly customer success story
Decrease in CPI
Queenly didn’t have visibility into performance because they relied on siloed data from each partner they were running campaigns with. After integrating with AppsFlyer, they eliminated performance blindspots and reduced CPI by 40%.

The best tools bring the best results

Get everything you need to acquire the most users with your marketing budgets. Identify and scale the best audiences and channels, with data-backed creative elements and decision making.

Team up with every global partner

Connect with more media sources, ad networks, and analytics partners than any other marketing platform.

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