Privacy Cloud

Enable better, safer digital experiences

AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud is an open and trusted environment for ecosystem collaboration and innovation that enhances customer experience, while preserving privacy.

End your reliance on user-level data

Ecosystem collaboration is key to grow your business. But in the privacy era, relying on sharing user-level data isn’t just risky, it’s a bad choice for your business and customers.

Take the next step in data collaboration

Now you can bring your data together with your partners for joint analysis in a privacy-preserving way

Our Privacy-Preserving Technologies

The AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud is powered by an ever-evolving range of innovative privacy-preserving technologies.

Differential privacy

Add calculated “noise” to your data so that it can never be reverse-engineered by others.

Privacy Cloud: Data Clean Rooms

Data Clean Rooms

Create a safe zone between you and your partners for zero-trust data collaboration.

Aggregated conversion modeling

Measure the aggregated impact of marketing campaigns when a subset of conversions can’t be attributed on a user level.

Tailor every collaboration to fit your business needs

Every collaboration is unique, with different levels of trust and distinct business objectives. That’s why we developed fully configurable Privacy Cloud Applications that enable precise data controls, flexibility, and innovation.

Privacy Cloud: Connect
Privacy Cloud: Enrich
Privacy Cloud: Analyze

Give your customers privacy and exceptional experiences

We believe that privacy and customer experience don’t need to be an either or choice. Our mission at AppsFlyer is to introduce a new level of collaboration and interoperability that wasn’t previously possible, allowing you to create exceptional customer experiences without compromising privacy.

Maximize customer experience based on comprehensive insights

AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud adds insights that would otherwise be unavailable. More data sources, enhanced modeling, and advanced analytics, ensure that you always make the best marketing choices for your business.

Attribution & analytics

Gain visibility into your conversions and analyze every campaign

Predictive analytics

Run predictive models to measure bottom line events with early insights


Analyze the incremental lift between campaigns run on control and test groups

Fraud insights

Use deep insights to distinguish between real conversions and bots

SKAdNetwork measurement

Get visibility into SKAN performance KPIs, including CVR, ROI, CPI, ARPU, ROAS, eCPA

Audience segmentation

Segment, manage, and amplify audiences while preserving user privacy

Inventing the future:
Cryptographic technologies


AppsFlyer has teamed up with Intel to deliver end-to-end encryption that will power the Privacy Cloud

  • We are working with Intel to leverage their hardware-enhanced crypto acceleration 3rd Generation Xeon platform
  • This partnership will significantly speed up computation and time to market of the Privacy Cloud Privacy-Preserving cryptographic technologies such as Homomorphic encryption (HE) and Private Set Intersection (PSI)

Learn more
Privacy Cloud: Cryptographic technologies

Don’t just take our word for it

“As part of our long partnership, we’re happy to be design partners in this exciting next step for AppsFlyer and our ecosystem. AppsFlyer’s dedication to the highest standard of end user experience and privacy is evident in their work and value proposition. Their data insights and easily configurable data collaboration make it the obvious choice for building this advanced data clean room implementation.”
“AppsFlyer’s Privacy Cloud is perfectly integrated with FunPlus’ BI system and runs smoothly every day. With AppsFlyer’s Privacy Cloud, we’re able to get more insights into our campaign’s performance and conduct more precise campaign optimization. We look forward to collaborating further with AppsFlyer on privacy preserving technologies.”
“Our collaboration with AppsFlyer is a step toward the future of privacy preserving computing. It will enable AppsFlyer’s partners and customers to gain valuable insights while maintaining a very high standard of user privacy.“
“Using AppsFlyer’s Privacy Cloud, we were able to continue analyzing campaign efficiency on Facebook Ads following the deprecation of their Advanced Mobile Measurement (AMM) program“

Frequently asked questions

What is AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud?

The Privacy Cloud is a safe, controlled environment for brands, partners, and platforms to securely bring their data together for joint analysis based on defined guidelines and configurations. It provides the ability to compute and analyze joint datasets, and derive business insights, without exposing individual user-level data.

What are the key benefits of AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud?

  • Collaborate with your partners in safe Data Clean Room environments
  • Avoid attribution data blind spots with conversion data and insights that aren’t available from other attribution solutions
  • Enrich your 1st party data with attribution data and complement it with data in the Data Clean Room
  • Gain full control of your data by configuring exactly what is shared within the Privacy Cloud, and defining data aggregation levels, granularity and more
  • Bring your own business logic, or leverage AppsFlyer’s business logic such as Aggregated Advanced Privacy (AAP), lift measurement (incrementality), audience segmentation, mobile fraud, SKAN measurement, predictive analytics and more.
  • Comply with all privacy regulations, policies, and guidelines

How can meaningful insights be generated when data output is fully aggregated?

Having campaign optimization and retargeting efforts rely on user-level data is no longer a viable solution. It compromises users’ privacy and creates significant data blind spots. Recent privacy changes in the industry have made it very clear: it’s time for a new way forward. Deep campaign insights and great marketing decisions can be made based on aggregated data, as long as the data is:

  • Accurate
  • Complete
  • Generated from user-level data (that remains within the Data Clean Room)
The Privacy Cloud can help you achieve exactly that. It ingests user-level data, compliments it with other data, and provides you with the comprehensive insights you need, based on your business logic, to grow your business in a privacy-centric way.

Is AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud fully compliant with Apple App Store and Google Play policies?

Yes. The Privacy Cloud is preconfigured based on the privacy guidelines set by the various platforms. These preconfigured settings are constantly being updated as new privacy guidelines are being rolled out by Apple, Google (and/or any other platforms and partners) to make sure you are always aligned with their latest requirements.

Are there cases in which user-level data will be shared outside of the Privacy Cloud?

If user-level data sharing is allowed (based on the specific partner and platform privacy guidelines, privacy laws applicable to you and user consent) and that’s what you require, then yes, user-level data can still be shared.

What sets AppsFlyer apart from other Data Clean Room solutions?

  1. We are 100% unbiased and independent. The trust we’ve gained as a company over the last decade, and our unbiased, neutral positioning is what helped us build an amazing ecosystem of 90K+ apps and 9,000+ partners.
  2. We have developed the Industry’s most advanced and disruptive privacy solutions. We’re defining new ecosystem privacy standards through groundbreaking machine learning technology, scale, and expert execution.
  3. Attributing data, analyzing it, enriching it, and generating insights out of it are our expertise. We know how to handle every type of data set, and any use case and edge case, across every channel, platform and campaign.
  4. We deliver an extensive stack of Privacy-Preserving Technologies that can be used on top of the Privacy Cloud: Predictive analytics, SKAN measurement, audience segmentation, lift measurement (incrementality), fraud insights, Aggregated Advanced Privacy, and more.
  5. We offer flexible and configurable data collaboration that gives you full and continuous control of your data and the business logic running on it.

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