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It will take you just 135 seconds to learn how to find your first ten thousand users with the tools to diversify your marketing channels and measure your results, at scale.

Convert users across every channel

Start building your user empire on owned media. Convert users with consistent on-brand experiences via email, text, social media, and your website with seamless journeys powered by our deep linking and customer experience suite.

Optimize your early strategies with insights

Once your customer journeys are live, it’s time to optimize as you monitor performance in real-time. Analyze your data on our customizable dashboard or import the insights directly into your own internal BI.

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Scale your success with smart segmentation

As you start to see the fruits of your labor, some segments will perform better than others. Once you identify those, you can build lookalike audiences and test them on new channels to boost your app’s growth faster.

Test new media sources without extra resources

See how your lookalike audiences perform on over 11,000 media sources who have adopted our SDK. It’s the easiest way to identify the best channels for your spend so you can get to your first ten thousand users and beyond.

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Social Point AppsFlyer Customer OG
Decrease in CPI
Increase in conversion rate
Social Point needed to scale but at the right price. Using AppsFlyer’s attribution and marketing analytics solutions, the team 4X’ed their conversion and saw a 34% decrease in CPI.
recargapay success story - OG
Growth in marketing budget
Increase in new installs
RecargaPay team was looking for new, high-quality sources of traffic to fuel their growth. Using AppsFlyer, they were able to not only get an accurate view of quality, but also insight into performance which translated into 2X installs.
linxo success story - OG
Users acquired in 7 months
Loyal user growth
Linxo needed to acquire new, high-quality users in an emerging, competitive market. Working with an agency and leveraging AppsFlyer, they were able to attract the right users and build trusted relationships which translated into loyalty.
fondeadora success story - OG
Lower acquisition costs
Increased customer retention
Improved campaign effectiveness
Fondeadora needed to kickstart app growth, while ensuring smart decision-making. By integrating AppsFlyer the team managed to lower acquisition costs by over 70% and constantly optimize the product’s activation phase.

See your first growth spurt with tools that convert

Get everything you need to establish a strong user base. Then, optimize and scale with the best analytics and segmentation tools in the industry and watch as you reach target after target.

Team up with every global partner

Connect with more media sources, ad networks, and analytics partners than any other marketing platform.

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