Maximize ROAS with results-driven campaigns

Drive conversions up and ad costs down with campaigns that work. Get the most accurate data-driven insights on campaign performance to double down on what drives revenue and attracts high valuable users on every channel.
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Find the best performing channels with confidence

It’s hard to compare data from multiple dashboards and without easily accessible insights, optimizing your campaigns is a nightmare. Unify your performance data to identify the most valuable channels to invest your budget.

Get more value out of your best creative elements

Ramp up LTV with Revenue Recommendations
What creative makes your users click? Identify the creative elements that perform best on every channel with granular, AI-based insights. Scale your creative success to boost ROAS with data-backed results.

Make faster decisions with real-time reporting

Invest your campaign budget wisely, in real-time. Stay in the know with a continuously refreshed view of your campaign performance and drive revenue with swift, data-informed decisions.

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Find more high-value users by understanding their behavior

Connect the dots between your campaigns and in-app user activity to see where your highest-value users come from. Set your sights (and budget!) on those channels to get more out of your ad spend.

Don’t just take our word for it

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ROAS increase rate
by Day 14
1 to 2 weeks
Optimization cycle shortened
“The accurate ROAS data in real time empowered us to quickly identify risks in early stages of the campaign. This advantage significantly boosted our long-term ROAS and improved our efficiency.”
Reduction in eCPI
Increase in CTI conversion rates
“AppsFlyer has been leading iOS 14 innovation with full transparency and responsibility, providing advertisers with reliable insights and effective solutions that empower us to make measurable and impactful marketing decisions”
Increase in revenue
Rise in day 7 ROAS
24 hours
time within which predicted values were delivered
“Facebook Gaming has always been one of our go-to UA channels. Post-ATT, we’re confident that optimizing for revenue in Facebook Gaming ad campaigns using AppsFlyer Predict and Incrementality is a reliable approach for bringing in high-quality users and boosting ROAS.”
Halfbrick success story
Conversions increase
Halfbrick Studios needed an MMP to maintain privacy while still delivering on insights. With AppsFlyer, they had visibility into their most profitable campaigns on both a ROAS and ROI perspective which lead to a huge increase in conversions.

The best tools bring the best results

Get everything you need to squeeze the most value out of your marketing budgets. Make good choices using industry-leading measurement and attribution tools to drive growth and scale your return on ad spend.

Team up with every global partner

Connect with more media sources, ad networks, and analytics partners than any other marketing platform.

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