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Re-engage your users and maximize LTV

Not all users are created equal. Turn data insights into personalized experiences that retain more of the right users and boost their lifetime value to increase your app’s revenue.
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Make every user feel like your only user

Get deep insights about your audience’s in-app behaviors, engagement trends, and demographics. Use customizable, constantly refreshing audience segments to delight users with personalized experiences that boost conversions.

Deliver a seamless customer experience

Reduce the number of taps or clicks it takes to get your user where they want to go inside your app. Power your CTAs on every channel with deep linking that you can measure across multiple platforms so you can double down on what works.

If at first you don’t re-engage, try again with insights

Use the most accurate measurement tools in the industry to monitor campaign performance and optimize based on what works, and what doesn’t. Get real-time analytics on our dashboard or served into your own internal BI.

Don’t miss a touchpoint on your customer’s journey

Measure re-engagement campaigns across devices and channels, for full visibility into your performance data. Re-engage users on their preferred platform and drive them back to your app to increase LTV.

Don’t just take our word for it

Zepto customers success story
increase remarketing conversions
drop in cost per re-install
improvement in D30 retention rate
“AppsFlyer has not only supercharged our remarketing efforts, but has also become foundational to our continued remarketing success. We’ve seen over 35% increase in remarketing conversions and a 15% increase in D30 retention rates within just a few months.”
reduction In CPI
increase in re-engagement conversions
“We saw benefits over three sections,” said Yaokuang. “First, [ACe] brought higher scalability compared with other re-engagement partners. It also realized lower costs per log-in for regions such as Thailand, as well as better performance on ROAS.”
Wellness Forever Medicare Limited success story
increase non-organic installs
increase retargeting conversions
increase re-engagement revenue
“At Wellness Forever, we’re always striving to improve our in-house campaigns and media mix to better serve our customers. Thanks to AppsFlyer, we were able to measure campaign performance accurately and optimize our media mix in real time, resulting in significant improvements in ROI.”

Re-engage with the best tools on the market

Get everything you need to re-engage your users with experiences that convert, with unmatched measurement capabilities to optimize your campaigns on every channel and device.

Team up with every global partner

Connect with more media sources, ad networks, and analytics partners than any other marketing platform.

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