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AppsFlyer Tools to Boost Your Productivity While Working Remotely

Pavel Dimshiz Pavel Dimshiz Sharon Shenbaum Mar 16, 2020

Many companies are going remote-first these days and encouraging working from home as precautionary measures due to the global pandemic of the Coronavirus. Companies are now finding themselves transitioning from their traditional working environments to those that are more enclosed, but does that mean that it should affect your marketing efficiency and campaigns? 

At AppsFlyer, work-from-home practices are a normal and integral part of our daily business operations which due to COVID-19 are now extending company-wide. This has been possible with the help of innovative tools that we have implemented in our daily work-flow to support mobility and remote working, including our own services.

We want to ensure that you are always updated even while we transition to working remotely.

As an AppsFlyer customer, you can utilize these tools to maintain the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.


Live Alerts:

Live Alerts actively monitors your KPIs and notifies you when a significant change has been detected. It is fully configurable, allowing you to easily send the right message to the right people over various communications channels (e.g. email, Slack, and the AppsFlyer mobile app) all in real-time.

With Live Alerts, you can monitor and modify a wide range of attribution and Protect360 KPIs as you go. This will allow your team to remain in the driver’s seat and stay on top of their campaigns while communicating efficiently when an important event occurs. 

Follow this simple configuration guide to get started with Live Alerts!

getting started with live alerts appsflyer

Validation Rules:

As more people move to remote working, apps will become an even more integral and imperative part of our daily lives, and as a result, the use of these apps will increase drastically. Validation Rules can help marketing teams continually operate their campaigns at scale.

Setup is easy and simple, granting marketers the option to enforce campaign targeting with a set of rules that correlate with their KPIs. 

Additionally, Validation Rules can be updated in real-time, allowing the user full control. Installs that did not meet the outlined standards by the advertiser will not be attributed and shared with the integrated networks in real-time for full transparency.

Follow these simple steps and set-up your Validation Rules now.

setting up validation rules in appsflyer

Custom Dashboards:

Now more than ever, alignment and synchronization are key. With Custom Dashboards you can stay-on-top of your teams’ performance without having to dive into multiple dashboards.  

Every team and its team members can now access the relevant data they need in order to stay aligned and perform their tasks more efficiently.

Custom Dashboards are easy to set-up and are fully customizable allowing each team to create their own dashboard from scratch,  for example: A geo-specific dashboard for a local country team or a media source-specific dashboard for user acquisition managers.

getting started with custom dashboards appsflyer

The AppsFlyer Mobile App:

If all that wasn’t enough, we have an additional tool for you while working remotely. Our mobile app. With the AppsFlyer mobile app, you can easily monitor your marketing campaigns directly from your phone with options to filter by-date and media source for additional granularity and insights.

Furthermore, we’ve taken an extra step to allow you easy access to core AppsFlyer features such as attribution data and analytics providing you with visibility to share key insights with your team ensuring that everyone remains informed immediately.

Our app also supports Live Alerts so if there’s an event that needs to be taken care of, our app will notify you about it.

AppsFlyer’s mobile app is available on both Android and iOS.

appsflyer mobile app in ios and android

Now that you have become acquainted with AppsFlyer’s productivity tools: Live Alerts, Validation Rules, Custom Dashboards and our mobile app we encourage you to use them as your work from home and stay connected. Our support team is readily available and happy to answer any questions that you may have. Stay safe and productive!

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