Why Google is going its own way in a post-cookie world


Jerry Dischler Vice President and General Manager, Ads at Google

Episode summary

Jerry Dischler, Vice President and General Manager, Ads at Google, shares why the company thinks the digital ad industry can’t afford to be timid in rethinking its relationship with consumers. Dischler also discusses why Google doesn’t believe any of the proposed cookie alternatives, such as the Trade Desk’s UID, are fundamentally different enough or will work long term. In the case of FLoC, Jerry predicts that while the solution may not be perfect – the open web will be better because of it.

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Meet our host: Mike Shields

Mike Shields is the founder of Shields Strategic Consulting. Shields covered the ad business for over 15 years at top publications including The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Adweek and Digiday.

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