How Zillow uses data and content to figure out if you are buying a new home – or just fantasizing


Aimee Johnson CMO at Zillow
Anda Gansca CEO & Founder at Knotch

Episode summary

Aimee Johnson, CMO of Zillow Group, and Anda Gansca, CEO and Founder of Knotch, discuss how marketers are trying to balance their urgent need to acquire first-party data versus actually servicing customers.

Aimee and Anda also dive into how brands that may have over-invested in content must now find ways to prove its value alongside the rest of their marketing spend. The two executives predict that some brands may see Google’s delay on cookie deprecation as an excuse to slow down, while others are racing ahead to revamp their data strategies.

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Meet our host: Mike Shields

Mike Shields is the founder of Shields Strategic Consulting. Shields covered the ad business for over 15 years at top publications including The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Adweek and Digiday.

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