Gender diversity report

Message from our CEO & Co-founder

We all think we aren’t biased. But we are. Our unconscious mind is.

We are all products of our environments, and we must realize that as individuals we grew up in very different environments. This is why we must realize that we are biased, even if we’re not aware of it. Our childhood background, the very first books that we read when we were young, the cultures we were exposed to, our education, environment, where we live, who our neighbors are, what we study and where we work. All of these make up who we are and how we make decisions. And they create inherent unconscious biases, whether we like it or not.

The first step is to acknowledge these unconscious biases and become aware of them. Then, we must understand the responsibility for change is ours. We have to hold ourselves accountable. 

Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Belonging make us more innovative, more collaborative, and therefore more successful as a society and as a company. That’s why we are committed to not only acknowledging these biases, but creating an environment that fosters inclusive collaboration and embraces differences in opinions, cultures, beliefs, background, color, opinions at every step of the way.

Our commitment to diversity, inclusion and EI&B goes hand in hand with our commitment to being independent and unbiased as a company. We are constantly challenging ourselves to do better, and holding ourselves accountable at every step of the way.

We’re proud of what we’ve done here at AppsFlyer and AppsFlyer Cares in regard to diversity and equality, and are also proud to say we’re always striving to do better as a company, and as a society. We can and we will. 

Oren Kaniel

CEO & Co-founder

AppsFlyer’s commitment
AppsFlyer’s commitment

We are committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, equality, and inclusion. 

As AppsFlyer continues to grow, we remain committed to a diverse and inclusive culture and workforce. Ensuring equal opportunities for everyone is based on the understanding that our mission is best served by elevating voices from different backgrounds and perspectives, and by promoting a culture that fosters diversity and inclusion in all its dimensions, while providing space for everyone to feel seen, heard, and valued. 

As a people-centric organization committed to equal opportunity, we actively foster a welcoming environment and culture for all of our people, and strive to recruit, develop, and invest in talented people that represent diverse cultures, perspectives, skills, and experiences. 

We are constantly working to create equal employment opportunities for all of our people and to prohibit discrimination and harassment with regard to race, gender identity or expression, age, color, disability, ethnicity, family or marital status, language, national origin, physical and mental ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, veteran status, or other personal status protected by law.  

We have seen firsthand that diversity and inclusion drive innovation. These ideas do not simply support our core business objectives, they have a long-lasting positive impact on people, communities, and society as a whole. Our commitment to this vision is critical to maintaining a competitive edge and sustainable growth, and to being the kind of company we want to be.

DEI&B journey
DEI&B journey

Diversity is our strength. We are proud of our company’s diversity, which reflects a human mosaic of cultures, genders, generations, perspectives, and talents. Our drive to promote inclusivity and equality is based on the understanding that we are best able to achieve our mission by creating a culture that fosters diversity and inclusion in all its dimensions while  elevating voices from different backgrounds and perspectives. 

As an equal opportunity, people-obsessed company, we seek to recruit, develop and invest in the most talented people while embracing diverse cultures, perspectives, skills, and experiences within our workforce and beyond. For us, this isn’t simply a business issue, it’s a human one, and we see it as part of our responsibility.

As we share our first Gender Report, we are very excited and happy to  showcase the work that has been done, as well as the path we are taking to continue to better ourselves.  This is our commitment to our responsibility for both our company and the broader communities we operate in. Our work to empower women goes beyond our office walls as we work to create a future with greater employment opportunities for women in under-represented communities.  

We take our responsibility seriously and are always looking for ways to be better, more transparent, and more intentional in the steps we take. We strive to create a culture with greater representation, equity, equality, diversity and belonging. We understand that we can only reach those goals when our systems are fair and unbiased, when we ensure equal access and opportunities that meet individual needs and encourage growth, and when we give back to our communities. 

We know our work is far from done. Gender diversity is one of our core pillars, a central value and a goal we will continue to work toward. We are humbled by the opportunity to learn from our people and help our people grow along the way.

Lisa Zaythik, Chief People Officer

Promoting equality. Progressing society. Improving lives.

As a global company and citizens of the world we work under the SDGs challenges to make a lasting impact. The following SDGs are our strategic priorities for promoting and fostering diversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging.

Sustainable development goals
AppsFlyer at a glance 
AppsFlyer at a glance 


AppsFlyer at a glance: Countries


AppsFlyer at a glance: Gender
We recognize there are more than two genders and are allies to the non-binary community. We are currently working on self-reported data that will be shared in our 2023 gender diversity report.

Customers and Partners

AppsFlyer at a glance: Customers and partners

Head count by business unit

AppsFlyer at a glance: Head count by business unit

Industry recognition

As we work to create change within our company, we also wish to become industry leaders and move the needle towards a more equal and diverse tech sphere. This is true in every region we work in. 

Power in Diversity – Women in startups report

This report surveyed 424 startups and where 70 VCs were surveyed. It aims to help everyone in the Israeli ecosystem understand the numbers and the human capital statistics (gender-wise first) while providing professional insights based on years of experience in the arena.

Power in diversity - Women in startups report

Dun’s 100 the Standard of Achievements

Top 10 best companies to work for

The Dun’s 100 rankings present the leading companies in a range of sectors in the economy and reflect the business reality in Israel in a reliable, accurate, and professional way.

AppsFlyer in top 10 best companies to work for by Duns 100

Adlands Diversity & Inclusion Index for 2021

We are proud to have been recognized for our initiatives, by being selected as one of 20 companies to be added to Adlands Diversity & Inclusion Index for 2021

Adlands Diversity & Inclusion Index for 2021
Representation by gender

The  data reflects AppsFlyer’s people as of April 2022.

Our people

Representation by gender: Our people
High compared to external benchmark Deloitte Insights 2022 report 32.9%
We recognize there are more than two genders and are allies to the non-binary community. We are currently working on self-reported data that will be shared in our 2023 gender diversity report

Gender by region

Representation by gender: By region

Diversity by age

Representation by gender: Diversity by age

Working towards a diverse & inclusive workforce


Representation by gender: Managers

Seniority & tech roles

Representation by gender: Seniority and tech roles

Additional insights

BU’s with high % of women: Marketing 60% ; GCS* 52%;  Product 46%

*Global client services

2021 promotions: Women representation increased to 43% (+2% Y/Y), and % women managers increased to 33% (+5% Y/Y)

Hiring and professional growth

We put women’s professional growth as a company wide KPI, in all fields, units and levels.

New hires and managers 2022

New hires and managers 2022

AppsFlyer women in tech roles

The percentage of women in R&D and Product roles has increased year on year for the past three years!


AppsFlyer women in tech roles

Driving career opportunities

As a people-obsessed company we believe that growth and self-development are part of life, and we believe you can pursue both at AppsFlyer. 

Promotions 2021

AppsFlyer career promotions

Internal mobility 2021

Internal mobility: Women
AppsFlyer’s internal mobility program was designed to support our people’s  professional growth and provide them with career opportunities, helping them move to their next exciting role. We are creating our future generation of successors.
Equal pay
Equal pay

Compensation (will be referred to as comp from this point on) strategy:

Being people obsessed is a key part of our culture. It’s our North Star keeping us focused on always adding value to our work.

That’s why we’ve revamped our compensation process and strategy to ensure we are always aligned with the market, competitive, and fair. 

After all, being data driven is just as important for our people as it is for our products:

  • Compensation decisions (for new or existing team members) are based on internal and external market benchmark surveys per role and level. Benchmarks are being updated at least twice a year (Zviran, Compete in Israel and Mercer in RoW)
  • Annual data driven compensation review to all eligible team members, to ensure competitiveness, fairness and recognition. In addition, we conduct a semi-annual review to ensure we can proactively address cases of new people and promotions. 
  • As part of our comp reviews we’re proactively conducting gender analysis and audit and review outstanding cases in our comp committee. We are committed to minimize gender pay gaps and ensure women in all jobs, levels and statuses 

Fair and competitive pay

99% average compensation ratio

Compensation ratio = 100% means we are paying fairly and competitively to the market, based on the unique Combination of role, seniority level, and location.

Fair and competitive pay

Fair and competitive pay

Inclusive culture
Inclusive culture


Our communities are based on three core pillars: people, community & well being, and ecosystem.

Inclusive culture: Communities

#Proud AF

Cares year round. This is a global, company wide community. It is lead by a leadership group that represents all of AppsFlyer regions, cultures, religions, gender and sexual identities. The community works year round to make sure we create an open, safe, loving, equal work environment with representation and a voice. 

Inclusive culture: #Proud AF

#Sawa AF

Together we strive to build a shared society. Sawa in Arabic means together, and together with our Arab speaking community we intend to empower and change the tech sphere in Israel. Through mentoring, networking, and providing accessibility for young women and men to the tech industry.

Inclusive culture: #Sawa AF

#Born AF

In locations where we have a large number of newborns, we run parental clubs to support new parents and help promote wellbeing.

It is a place for new parents to mingle and keep connected with the AppsFlyer community. The program for each meet-up of Born AF changes per country. Every community meeting includes brunch, infant development support sessions, lectures, and workouts. The community is open to all parents on parental leave. 

Inclusive culture: #Born AF

Parental leave

At AppsFlyer we are all one big community, and give a special place to our peoples’ families.

Inclusive culture: Parental leave

In order to promote gender equality and support new parents, we launched our Parental Leave Program that provides all genders, including our LGBTQ+ families, with 6 weeks of paid parental leave (beyond the legal rights guaranteed by their country). In case of premature birth (before week 37), or twins, we offer an additional 2 paid weeks. This paid leave can be divided into 2 vacation periods up until the baby’s first birthday.

Inclusive culture: Parental leave for LGBTQ+ families

During the legal maternity leave, and paid parental leave, all social rights and benefits are covered by the company. 

When parents return from parental leave the main caregiver can work at 80% capacity while receiving a full salary until the  baby’s first birthday (full-time positions only).

In order to promote age diversity, we have also added 1 week of paid leave to new grandparents.

Impact by action
Impact by action

Individual Development program (IDP)

Is designed to empower our people. We encourage personal and professional growth according to individual needs. 

Impact by action: individual Development program (IDP)


Supports our people’s professional growth and provides them with career opportunities.

Impact by action: AppsHire

International Women’s Month

A new tradition where AppsFlyer women across the globe share their knowledge and expertise on a range of topics and interests.

Impact by action: International women's month

Learning week

An annual  showcase for a diverse roster of speakers across a broad range of topics.

Impact by action: Learning week

Inclusive leadership learning and practices for professional teams and managers

Diversity equality and inclusion affect every team and every level of the company. We want to make sure our managers get the best tools so that they can create a team that is not only diverse but also has a sense of equality and belonging. 

Increase women representation through recruiting process, practices and initiatives

Diversity adds value. As a global company, gender diversity has a sustainable positive impact on our people, our product, our community, our industry, and society as a whole. A truly inclusive work culture ensures that every team member, regardless of their gender identity and expression, feels supported, respected and accepted. A diverse multicultural workforce provides strength, creativity, innovation, and competitive advantage.

Establishment of local and global women’s communities

Our Women Forum will consist of diverse global leadership in all regions, as well as local groups, to provide women an equal space to grow and share both professionally and personally.

Establishment of local and global women’s communities

Empowering girls and women across the globe 

We partner and collaborate with social organizations to empower girls and women as a way to create a stronger future for our communities, society and the entire ecosystem. We have been working alongside various educational and tech oriented organizations that encourage and promote equal opportunities and future employability for women and girls. 

AppsFlyer Cares logo
IL equal pay law report

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