AppsFlyer unveils “GeeP,” the Global Employee Exchange Program

AppsFlyer, a leading Mobile Attribution and Marketing Analytics company, today unveiled “GeeP,” its Global Employee Exchange Program that enables employees to live and work in any of the company’s offices throughout the world, including Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Bangalore, San Francisco, New York, London and Berlin. The progressive program is rolled out as the company rapidly evolves from an early stage startup to a more mature company with over 150 employees worldwide.

“We believe in creating every opportunity for our employees and in helping them reach their full potential,” said Oren Kaniel, founder and CEO of AppsFlyer. “What better way to grow in your career and as an individual than to travel the world and experience new cities and new cultures? Our hope is that employees will take advantage of the program to expand their horizons and that they’ll view their time with us as not just a job but an indelible experience.”

The program allows AppsFlyer employees with at least one year of service to work in any of the company’s offices for a period of two to twelve weeks. They’ll have the opportunity to receive first-hand experience within international business environments while working with local clients and partners and developing important new sets of corporate skills. AppsFlyer will cover the cost of participating employee’s flights, lodging and living expenses during their stay, and employees will receive their standard compensation.

“Not only will this program help us attract top-notch talent here in the San Francisco office, but the influence and perspectives it should bring to us by employees from other locations throughout the world will be invaluable as we continue to expand our operations,” said Paul Grueber, U.S. General Manager of AppsFlyer.

Participating employees will be asked to capture their experiences in writing or on video, to be shared with the rest of the company via newsletters, blogs and other internal and external communications in order to help the entire team benefit from the culture sharing and knowledge transfer of the program.

To apply for the program, employees should discuss their interest and timing with their direct manager.

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