AppsFlyer launches first global attribution solution for Apple’s App Clips

Leveraging AppsFlyer’s OneLink deep linking technology, brands can now provide a seamless customer experience with measurement capabilities across all devices

SAN FRANCISCO – October 29, 2020

AppsFlyer, the global attribution leader, today announced the launch of the first-to-market attribution solution for App Clips, Apple’s shortcut to completing a single app function or task quickly and seamlessly without installing the app. This latest launch complements AppsFlyer’s growing portfolio of market leading, best-in-class attribution solutions and integrations that meet the evolving needs of marketers, while adapting to the broader changes taking place across the mobile ecosystem.

“Consumer-facing digital innovations like App Clips are transforming how mobile customers interact with the most valuable components of an app service or capability,” said Brian Quinn, US President and General Manager, AppsFlyer. “Brands have already started integrating App Clips into their mobile strategy and we’re seeing gains in adoption from people who prefer using a frictionless and lightning-fast App Clip to do things like buy a cup of coffee or hail a rideshare instead of installing a full app. We recognized early on that an attribution solution for App Clips was going to be a necessary tool for app marketers to understand the full impact of their mobile strategy.

As marketers have come to expect greater access to app data measurement, AppsFlyer’s attribution solution for App Clips unlocks the engagement insights that businesses need to best reach their customers and optimize their outcomes. The AppsFlyer measurement process begins when the App Clip loads and a customer’s install is registered. Once a user installs the full app, brands are able to measure the conversion rate, and leverage raw data reports to identify the source of the clip action. In addition, marketers and brands that install the AppsFlyer SDK can further optimize their programs for ideal business actions, which tend to take place before the full app is ever installed on a customer’s device.

“Download-focused app marketers have to make the most of a customer’s attention because app discovery is already a big challenge,” said Gil Meroz, General Manager – OneLink, AppsFlyer. “The attribution capability that we launched today is the first of its kind and benefits brands in two distinct ways. First, it attributes real business value, purchases, and orders in an entirely new native iOS context, occurring prior to the traditional app installation, and second, it ensures that customers across all platforms receive a seamless experience despite not being an iOS user.

While customers are spending more time on their devices and seeking more value from them, they’re largely shifting away from installs. AppsFlyer’s OneLink deep linking technology helps brands provide a frictionless user experience while still tapping measurement insights from App Clips for the first time.

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