AppsFlyer unveils measurement, analytics and Data Clean Room support for ChatGPT and Bard plugins

SAN FRANCISCO – May 8, 2023  – AppsFlyer has announced the launch of its new measurement and Data Clean Room support for ChatGPT and Bard plugins. Brands and marketers can now measure the customer journeys and performance of their ChatGPT and Bard plugins across all platforms – including mobile app, CTV and web, as well as across all paid, social and organic traffic sources such as Meta, Google, and Apple.

In March 2023, OpenAI announced ChatGPT plugins, allowing its users to interact with other services through ChatGPT’s interface. With the plugins, ChatGPT users can query services like Expedia, FiscalNote, Instacart, KAYAK, Klarna, and Shopify to get real-time, actionable answers from these data sources without leaving OpenAI’s platform. Shortly after ChatGPT’s announcement, Google announced its own set of extensions for Bard. 

ChatGPT plugins have opened up a new world of consumer interactions and revenue opportunities. However, without cookies and device identifiers, analytics and measurement are impossible with current tools. AppsFlyer’s privacy-preserving measurement and analytics support for ChatGPT solves this challenge by providing brands and marketers with analytics and actionable insights into their customers’ interactions and performance of their plugins, together with their marketing activity across all traditional digital platforms and traffic sources. 

“ChatGPT and Bard plugins present a revolutionary opportunity for brands and consumers to connect, in addition to interactions on web and mobile apps,” said Oren Kaniel, CEO and Co-founder, AppsFlyer. “As an industry, we have an opportunity to architect this new world in a responsible way, by maximizing both customer value, experience and privacy. This new world is not bound to the status quo and building blocks like cookies and device identifiers. I am thrilled to take part in this revolution, not only because we have been building privacy-preserving tech for a cookieless environment for the last 10 years, but mainly because it is perfectly aligned with our vision for a better and safer digital experience.”

The ChatGPT and Bard plugin support allows e-commerce, retail and travel brands, which specifically rely on an omnichannel view of their marketing efforts, to better measure their activity as they engage with high-intent audiences throughout the user journey. With the Privacy Cloud Data Clean Room, AppsFlyer ensures the privacy of the user’s data while allowing service providers’ plugins to measure the traffic coming from ChatGPT.

AppsFlyer ChatGPT and Bard support is available for ChatGPT and Bard current plugins and other innovative companies that are interested in exploring, architecting  and innovating this new world. 

Chat GPT analytics support
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