AppsFlyer announces Data Clean Room integration with Snowflake Marketplace

SAN FRANCISCO – May 1, 2023 – AppsFlyer today announced the availability of AppsFlyer’s Data Clean Room and its Data Locker on Snowflake Marketplace. With these listings, joint customers will gain a holistic, multi-channel view of their marketing campaigns, and acquire a fully aggregated performance picture that will accurately analyze and optimize critical marketing decisions. 

AppsFlyer’s multiple listings on the Snowflake Marketplace include:

  • Data Clean Rooms for Marketing Measurement: Joint customers will now have the ability to accurately calculate campaign metrics in accordance with the latest privacy restrictions by adding their own data to AppsFlyer’s Data Clean Room.
  • Data Clean Rooms for Audience Segmentation and Privacy Activation: Joint customers now have the ability to further filter and segment users and privately activate them. This enables the ability to activate audiences built on the first-party and third-party data of the advertisers and the network without exposing the first-party data to the network. 
  • Data Locker for Simplified Data Ingestion: Joint customers will have their marketing measurement data securely accessible in near real-time directly from the Snowflake Cloud. This enables better data retention and constantly up to date data that reduces cost and time-to-insight that are pivotal to driving the highest lifetime value to their business. 

AppsFlyer’s Data Clean Room enables app developers to securely produce insights and segment and activate audiences based on their first-party data together with conversion and marketing campaign related data from their partners. The Data Clean Room, by design, allows app developers to align with the privacy regulations they must adhere to. In addition, AppsFlyer has put stringent privacy measures in place to ensure that user privacy is preserved. App developers have full control over what data runs in the Data Clean Room, and can define their own business logic, compliance, and data governance, while leveraging additional privacy-preserving technologies. AppsFlyer’s Data Clean Room is a core pillar of the AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud, a trusted open platform for innovation that enhances the end-user experience while preserving their privacy. 

“AppsFlyer customers who utilize our Data Clean Room have been able to measure and optimize campaigns with one, holistic multi-channel view of their marketing efforts while complying with privacy and data regulations,” said Edik Mitelman, General Manager Privacy Cloud, AppsFlyer. “Through this integration with Snowflake Marketplace, our joint customers are empowered with even greater insights into their marketing efforts as well as insight into user experiences– all while maintaining the highest level of privacy that protects their users.”

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