AppsFlyer announces Data Clean Room partnership with Evorra

The partnership fosters transparency and privacy by empowering brands and partners to collaborate safely for enhanced insights 

San Francisco – September 20, 2023 AppsFlyer today announced its Data Clean Room partnership and integration with Evorra, a cookieless next-generation, data platform. Through this partnership, AppsFlyer’s DCR customers can engage Evorra to enrich data and enhance their insights, activation and measurement, enabling customers to sharpen their focus and the entire marketing journey.

Evorra is a cookieless data platform including the IDs of close to 1 billion unique IDs from over 35 providers worldwide. All data is consented and privacy-compliant. With the integration, customers can ethically tap into Evorra’s extensive first hand global data. This approach prioritizes privacy while unveiling profound, practical insights to enrich strategies for better business performance and outcomes. 

“In today’s data-driven world, where insights fuel innovation, responsible collaboration is paramount. Our Data Clean Room partnerships establish a secure place where data-informed insights and privacy protection converge harmoniously,” said Edik Mitelman, General Manager Privacy Cloud, AppsFlyer. “By prioritizing both the power of analytics and the sanctity of individual privacy, we are setting a new standard for ethical data utilization, fostering industry collaboration, and enabling businesses to navigate the data landscape with confidence.”

“Partnering with leading technologies like AppsFlyer, drives real value for agencies and brands to securely and compliantly maximize data insight and performance, without compromising privacy,” added Aaron Ritoper, CEO and Co-founder at Evorra. “Clean Room approaches are becoming a staple for the responsible management of data and insights moving forward. AppsFlyer’s world leading position in the mobile data space, coupled with Evorra’s world class, addressable and consented data footprint will bring considerable scale and value.” 

AppsFlyer’s Data Clean Room, the first of many technological implementations within the AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud vision, enables app developers to privately and securely produce insights based on their first-party data, attributed marketing data, in-app events and third-party data in a privacy safe environment. As a result, app developers can accurately calculate and take better-informed actions on their marketing campaigns, thus increasing return on investment while simultaneously preserving customer privacy. This empowers marketing and business growth for both supply and demand and provides private data collaboration and actionable insights that impact the business’s bottom line. 

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