AppsFlyer announces Data Clean Room partnership with Techsalerator

San Francisco – December 12, 2023 AppsFlyer today announced its Data Clean Room partnership and integration with Techsalerator, a centralized data provider and source for global data acquisition. Through this partnership, AppsFlyer’s DCR customers can hone their focus throughout the entire marketing journey by employing data enrichment that improves insights, activation and measurement. 

As a one-way stop for global businesses and consumer data acquisitions, Techsalerator’s offers firmographic information, point of interest (POI) data, hierarchy linkages from 300 million businesses in over 200 countries. By linking AppsFlyer’s Data Clean Room with Techsaletor’s database, customers can achieve exceptional optimization, gaining valuable insights into both newly acquired and re-engaged users during campaigns.

“​​Our Data Clean Room partnerships focus on privacy-centric data-driven insights that provide real value for marketers,” stated Edik Mitelman, General Manager of Privacy Cloud at AppsFlyer. “By giving due attention to the potency of analytics and the safeguarding of individual privacy, we are pioneering a new standard for responsible data use. This not only promotes collaboration within the industry but also equips businesses to confidently navigate the intricate data terrain.”

Techsalerator maintains an extensive database of locally-sourced consumer data in 144 countries – including demographic profiles, lifestyles, and behaviors. When connecting AppsFlyer’s Data Clean Room to Techselerator’s database, customers receive valuable insights about the users they’ve acquired or re-engaged through their campaigns in order to drive lifetime value and further optimization of campaigns. 

“We are very excited to announce this new partnership with AppsFlyer,” said Max Wahba, CEO of Techalerator. “This new integration with the DCR would allow the establishment of a privacy-first and direct insight extraction approach for  private data assets. This integration is a part of our continuous effort to deliver data anywhere in a simplified and systematic way.”

AppsFlyer’s Data Clean Room, the first of many technological implementations within the AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud vision, enables app developers to privately and securely produce insights based on their first-party data, attributed marketing data, in-app events and third-party data in a privacy safe environment. As a result, app developers can accurately calculate and take better-informed actions on their marketing campaigns, thus increasing return on investment while simultaneously preserving customer privacy. This empowers marketing and business growth for both supply and demand and provides private data collaboration and actionable insights that impact the business’s bottom line. 

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