AppsFlyer’s Data Clean Room wins Marketing Digital Innovation Award by Ventana Research

SAN FRANCISCO – May 9, 2023 – AppsFlyer and the company’s Data Clean Room, an integral part of its Privacy Cloud solution, have been awarded a Digital Innovation Award by Ventana Research. The Data Clean Room won in the Marketing category, which recognizes a technology vendor that best exemplifies innovation in the applications and technologies that support marketing.

“Interoperability and collaboration of the entire ecosystem is the future of the internet, and for AppsFlyer, our Privacy Cloud and Data Clean Room play an integral role in making the future a reality,” said Edik Mitelman, General Manager Privacy Cloud, AppsFlyer. “This recognition from Ventana Research is a testament to AppsFlyer’s value proposition and vision of continuously supporting collaboration across the industry in order to help brands make better decisions, provide great user experiences, and help their businesses thrive – while ensuring consumer privacy is protected.”

AppsFlyer’s Data Clean Room enables app developers to securely produce insights and segment and activate audiences based on their first-party data together with conversion and marketing campaign-related data from their partners. The Data Clean Room, by design, allows app developers to align with the privacy regulations they must adhere to. In addition, AppsFlyer has put stringent measures in place to ensure that user privacy is preserved. App developers have full control over what data runs in the Data Clean Room, and can define their own business logic, compliance, and data governance, while leveraging additional privacy-preserving technologies. AppsFlyer’s Data Clean Room is a core pillar of the AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud, a trusted open platform for innovation that enhances the end-user experience while preserving their privacy.

“Congratulations to AppsFlyer for receiving the 16th annual Ventana Research Digital Innovation Award in Marketing for the innovation in its Data Clean Room product, which enables marketing organizations to operate in a safe and seamless digital environment around the globe,” said Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer at Ventana Research. “The necessity for marketing organizations to safely and efficiently govern their engagement with contacts to customers is extremely important to do in a compliant manner, but one that enables the complete value to be achieved in those interactions.”

Since its launch in December 2021, AppsFlyer’s Privacy Cloud and its Data Clean Room have been adopted by numerous global brands and companies across different sectors, from gaming to e-commerce and retail and more.

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