AppsFlyer Launches Dynamic Query Engine for its Data Clean Room

The new addition of ChatGPT powered Dynamic Query enables marketers to be self-sufficient, drive efficient decision-making processes and unlock the true potential of their data 

SAN FRANCISCO – August 16, 2023 – AppsFlyer is launching dynamic querying capabilities for its Data Clean Room, enabling marketers and users with or without SQL expertise to effortlessly query data in the AppsFlyer Data Clean Room. The Dynamic Query is powered by OpenAI, and bridges the gap between technical complexities and business insight as it eliminates the need for SQL intermediaries, allowing for faster and easier adoption of Data Clean Rooms and its capabilities as a robust business intelligence (BI) tool. 

“With AppsFlyer’s Dynamic Query Engine, we aim to empower marketers and their counterparts by bringing logic to their data and give them a powerful, user-friendly tool to access marketing data,” said Edik Mitelman, GM of Privacy Cloud, AppsFlyer. “By removing the reliance on SQL experts and enabling marketers to query data in a conversational manner, we are eliminating barriers and accelerating the adoption of data clean room technology.” 

Leveraging the full potential of a Data Clean Room currently requires the involvement of data engineers, analysts or individuals with SQL expertise, leading to bottlenecks and delays in obtaining crucial business insights. The new AI-based approach to the AppsFlyer Data Clean Room opens up a new era of accessibility and usability for marketing teams, enabling them to query data and ask vital business questions directly, without the need for technical support. This is crucial for marketers in the modern privacy era, as privacy-preserving measurement and ecosystem collaboration through Data Clean Rooms provides the holistic, multi-channel view to measure and optimize marketing activity more effectively and efficiently. 

“With AppsFlyer’s Dynamic Query Engine, we were able to filter our DCR output and quickly focus only on the relevant data we need to make the best bottom-line decisions,” said Leif Meyer, User Acquisition Engineer of Hopper.

As ingesting data in BI is no longer a viable solution in the new privacy era, AppsFlyer’s Dynamic Query capability brings the BI to the data and enables immediate access to enriched data sets, facilitating faster and better informed decision-making. This supports marketing teams with the ability to measure all aspects of their marketing data and avoid the need to move data and take privacy risks. 

“AppsFlyer is one of the first advertising technology vendors to actually integrate a large-language model in their products,” said Karsten Weide, Chief Analyst, W Media Research. “This means AppsFlyer’s DCR can now be used by marketers that are not SQL experts, simply by using natural language in their queries.”

AppsFlyer’s Data Clean Room, the first of many technological implementations within the AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud vision, enables app developers to privately and securely produce insights based on their first-party data, attributed marketing data, in-app events and third-party data in a privacy safe environment. As a result, app developers can accurately calculate and take better-informed actions on their marketing campaigns, thus increasing return on investment while simultaneously preserving customer privacy. This empowers marketing and business growth for both supply and demand and provides private data collaboration and actionable insights that impact the business’s bottom line.

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