AppsFlyer integrates with industry’s leading campaign management platforms to streamline marketing workflows

The One-Click API Integration Enables End-to-End Automation, Richer Data, and Faster Optimization Capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO – May 21, 2020

AppsFlyer, the global attribution leader, today announced the launch of its Campaign Management Integration with the industry’s leading platforms, including Bidalgo, Algolift, Bidshake, and Appsumer. Utilizing its robust API, AppsFlyer enables brands to automate the flow of their attribution data to the platform of their choice.

This integration gives AppsFlyer’s campaign management partners the ability to offer richer and more granular data in real-time, enabling faster and better campaign optimization capabilities. Marketers no longer need to spend time and resources on manually managing their campaigns and can focus on scaling their marketing efforts and driving ROI instead.

A competitive edge in mobile campaigning

“We recently implemented this integration with a number of app and game publishers to help them monitor critical KPIs and automate their UA process,” said Stephane Pitoun, CEO, Bidshake. “The true value is that our clients can focus on what they do best: create and publish great apps, and let the attribution and automation experts support them by keeping their performance marketing profitable and efficient.

“Using AppsFlyer and Bidshake helps us leverage attribution data to its full advantage, apply our predictive models, and execute optimized decisions across campaigns and channels,automatically and in real-time,” said Nimrod Klinger, UA & Marketing Team Lead at Crazy Labs, a top 10 mobile gaming publisher. “Switching to an automated process allowed us to save 50% of the time spent on optimization and increase our campaigns’ ROI.

Through AppsFlyer’s Campaign Management Integration, performance optimization decisions for advertisements can be made with no human intervention. These automated changes, along with any manual alterations, are executed multiple times per day and can be implemented in real-time.

“Using the Campaign Management Integration, we were able to give marketers total access to a wider array of data and insights across all the core channels supported by AppsFlyer, and leverage our AI-powered creative and media insights,” said Niv Yemini, CTO, Bidalgo.

Enabling an open, flexible ecosystem

With AppsFlyer’s attribution data as the foundation of their tech stack, marketers can drive innovation through a connected ecosystem of technology partners.

“Mobile marketers are faced with the daunting task of managing multiple platforms and dashboards to keep up with the increasing number of user acquisition channels,” said Ziv Peled, Chief Customer Officer, AppsFlyer. “With AppsFlyer’s Campaign Management Integration, marketers can streamline their optimization workflows and gain access to richer insights faster than ever before, all through their preferred campaign management platform. This is just our first step towards enabling a truly open ecosystem where brands have the flexibility to choose from a variety of solutions while leveraging AppsFlyer’s accurate attribution data.

“AppsFlyer’s approach aims to provide a single comprehensive view of the customer across multiple touchpoints, connected devices, digital platforms and media channels. Understanding the role of the mobile app install opens the door to more coherent strategizing around the diverse array of channels like mobile web or OTT,” said Keith Dawson, Principal Analyst, Customer Experience and Commerce, 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. “The company’s deep partnership resources give it access to native data on installs. Coupled with a sophisticated engine that resolves discrepancies between media sources, AppsFlyer’s toolset lends visibility into an arena of marketing spending that is difficult to obtain.

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